1 piece, 12 ways to wear: jumpsuit

If you were going to put together a list with the most versatile clothes that exists, surely the jumpsuit would
be included in that list, from long to short length, this is a piece of clothing that has been part
of wardrobe for a long time and still manages to remain contemporary, practical and stylish, it is no wonder that
it is one of the favorite clothes of many women. Learn to follow 12 different ways to wear overalls.

Choosing the length of the jumpsuit

Jumpsuit how to wear
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Short: the short jumpsuit is one of the best options for the summer, especially if they have thin straps and
lighter fabric like cotton, if the jumpsuit is short-sleeved and heavier fabric, you can use it even on a
more sophisticated occasion.

Midi: this length is elegant and at the same time comfortable, midi jumpsuits are perfect options for days when the weather is milder.

Long: for day or night, the long jumpsuit is a very versatile version that can be adapted from the street look to the work look, depending on how it is used.

Denim jumpsuit

Denim jumpsuit how to wear
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Young, modern and stylish, denim overalls serve to create casual looks, considering that this is one of the most democratic and used fabrics of all time, it is ideal for everyday use, makes the look much more comfortable and is easy to combine.

Jumpsuit with second piece

Jumpsuit with blazer and cardigan looks
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The jumpsuit is a piece that stands out by itself, it is not necessary to think about many dress combinations,
but if you want to use it in a different way, use with a second piece, it is an excellent
complement and that makes the look much more stylish, you can mix colors, use one color jumpsuit and the
second piece in another.

With blazer: elegant and formal, the jumpsuit and blazer used together create a charming, sophisticated
combination and can be used at work.

With cardigan: the cardigan is a simpler piece that can change the style of your look a little, use it
with light fabric overalls.


Short jumpsuit looks how to wear
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With thin straps, neckline shoulder to shoulder or strapless, the short jumpsuits are fresh and suitable to be
worn during the days, to finish in the best possible way combine with sandals, mules or sneakers and you will
be comfortable from head to toe.

Long jumpsuit

Long jumpsuit how to wear
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For more chic and formal events, the long jumpsuit is almost always used to compose the look, it is so
classic that it can even be used at parties, if you are tall, combine with low shoes like
sandals or sneakers, but if the hem of the jumpsuit is too long, wear a high heel shoe because it
lengthens the silhouette and makes the look more harmonious.

Long sleeves jumpsuit

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Want an elegant and suitable look to use in the cold? So, wear a jumpsuit with a sleeves, is a more fashionista version of the piece, ideal to replace the traditional model, if the sleeves are puffed, the look is more romantic, if they are tight, it makes the look more sensual.

Jumpsuit with belt

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To mark the silhouette and attach a looser jumpsuit, you can use a belt, the accessory can make the look
more classic, if you want to look taller, use a belt in the same color as the overalls, the belt
in a different color from the overalls can be used to give a light point to the garment.

Printed jumpsuit

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A printed clothes has the power to make the look more fun, and the same goes for the printed jumpsuit, they are stripped and colorful, matches with warmer seasons. Before choosing the print, you should think about your body type, certain colors and prints are unfavorable or highlight some region of the body.

Utility Jumpsuit

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Utility overalls emerged as part of the men’s uniform many years ago, but recently it has been redesigned and emerged as a women’s fashion trend, at the beginning it caused a certain uproar, but soon it was one of the most pumped pieces of street style. It is ideal for urban looks, but it still has traces of the masculine piece, when dressing, you need to know how to balance with shoes and accessories, wear heels and delicate jewelry to make the look more feminine, sneakers can make the look simpler.

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Pantacourt jumpsuit

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With wide bars at the calf height, the pantacourt jumpsuit is one of the favorites of women, it is a refreshing, light and comfortable option, to use in the day look, use light colored jumpsuits and soft fabrics, for the night, bet on the colors dark and heavier fabrics.

Jumpsuit with sneakers

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The shoe can completely change the style of the jumpsuit, when you combine with sneakers it tends to become more casual, stripped down and with an urban style, if you are looking for comfort, this may be the perfect combination for you, and the best thing is that sneakers go with any type of jumpsuit.

Jumpsuit with heels

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If your intention is to wear the jumpsuit in a chic way, then bet on the heel, this shoe elevates the posture and makes any woman more powerful, if you want a more comfortable option, wear low heels, high heels should be worn if you want a look with more style than comfort.

Overalls like pants

Even though it is a unique piece, you can give a new style to the jumpsuit and it all depends on a style trick, put a blouse on top of a different color and it will look like different pieces, even, used in this way, will look like another piece, it is worth trying.

A key part of the wardrobe is suitable for almost every moment, the jumpsuit is synonymous with style, beauty and a lot of practicality, almost an essential piece that every woman needs to have. And it’s really good to have one or more for those moments when you want something fast and you’re not very creative, try it in different ways and enjoy the versatility.

Which model is your favorite? Which combination is your favorite?

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