10 Different ways to wear white shirt

A woman who has a white shirt inside the wardrobe is a prevented woman and is prepared to dress for
any occasion, this piece is timeless and a classic of feminine looks that can be used from the look for
a job interview to more formal event.

If you think that the white shirt can only be used in the traditional way, you can forget about it,
because it is completely versatile, easy to combine and will transform your basic looks into sophisticated and stylish looks. Learn to follow different ways to wear the white shirt.

White shirt with jeans

How to wear white shirt with jeans pants
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This is a traditional combination that escapes the formal look and look of a corporate environment.
To make this shirt look less serious, you should wear it with other stripped pieces, and jeans are one of
those options, you can use it with skinny jeans for a more basic style or you can invest in looser
modeling pants like mom jeans or baggy pants that give a more modern look to the composition.

Overlay with white shirt

How to wear white shirt with  overlay
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A look with overlap shows how creative you can be when putting together your looks and how a piece can
offer so many possibilities of use, you combine the white shirt with a dress or overalls, using this second piece
over the shirt creates a different and very tuned look, the essential tip in this combination is that you close
all the buttons on the shirt, so your look will be more aligned and beautiful.

White oversized shirt

How to wear oversized white shirt
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The oversized clothes are definitely here to stay and it is present even in white shirts, when wearing it can
feel like a messy look, but that doesn’t mean you’re underdressed, on the contrary, this is the style of this
piece, the intention is to make you a little cooler and more comfortable, you can wear it alone and looser
or put a belt around your waist to make it tighter.

White shirt and shorts

How to wear white shirt with shorts
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Perfect for hot days and relaxed environments, the union of shirt + shorts is ideal for you looking for a simple look but with a slightly more formal detail, it’s almost like the hi-lo style that you blend the style of the pieces, if your shorts are jeans, prefer the white shirt that has a slightly heavier fabric, of the shorts are tailoring, combine with a lighter fabric shirt, not to be too basic, add some accessories to finish in style.

White shirt with dress

How to wear white shirt with dress
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The dress and the white shirt are two democratic and very feminine pieces, using both pieces at once only results in a sophisticated and contemporary look, which can be used both on hot days and on cloudy days, and the versatility doesn’t stop there, you can use this combination in two different ways.

Tied shirt: the style trick here to wear the shirt with the dress is to close the buttons and knot the hem of the shirt, if the dress is long (or slip dress) it will look like you have a long skirt, so complement this, you can wear high heels or sneakers.
Open shirt: this way of wearing the shirt is already a little more unpretentious, and is a good option for when you want a simpler look, you can combine it with a short, midi or long dress.

With skirt

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There is a big difference that this combination is used in the work look and outside of it and all this will depend on the model of the skirt that will affect all the rest of the look style, the pencil skirt or knee length are more formal and when it is combined with the white shirt is great for occasions like work or related events. Now, if you wear the shirt with a denim skirt, you will be joining two completely different fabrics and your look will be more youthful, perfect even for clubbing, but pay attention to where you will be wearing this outfit, because the accessories and shoes used follow the same style of look.

Colorful tailoring pants

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Of course, this combination could not be left out, the tailoring pants and shirt conveys elegance to the woman who wears it, which is why it is already considered as a work look, but if you want to wear it without looking like you are going to work, you must change the black pants for a colored pants, a more vibrant colored piece makes the look more fun and stripped, to complement the look, you can use shoes and accessories with colors that create a contrast and be harmonious.

With blazer

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The blazer and shirt are two pieces of classic style that could very well make the look more formal, but you don’t necessarily have to follow that style if you don’t want to, and it will depend on the bottom piece that you will combine with the top part of your look, be it pants, skirt or shorts. If you are looking for a more elegant look, bet on the second piece also tailoring, if your intention is to create a look with a different footprint, use pieces of other fabrics that are different from the pants and shirt.

Another cool tip is to wear a colorful blazer with the white shirt, it will be the highlight and will complement the look with a fun touch.

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White shirt in monochrome looks

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Wearing a single color look is the newest trend of the moment and wearing the white shirt with another white piece will make your look more current than ever, you can combine it with shorts, pants and dresses, if the pieces have different styles it will be even cooler to make this combination, example: you can use the shirt with social fabric and a more romantic dress, or the shirt with a slightly lighter fabric and white tailoring shorts. Finish the look with some accessories of different colors to give a different composition.

White shirt with black clothes

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Black and white is and will always be a classic in our wardrobe, no matter how much time passes, it makes the look chic and elegant, you can combine the shirt with the black colored bottom piece that will be well dressed, to add a little color to the look, use shoes or a third piece of different color.

A white shirt is powerful, is it or not? It has the power to transform your look in minutes and without needing much effort, it is an indispensable item to have in the wardrobe.

What is your favorite combination with a white shirt? How do you like to wear this piece?

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