10 jobs for millennials this festive season

With the gig economy growing and short-term as well as freelancing jobs garnering the interest of job seekers, here are 10 jobs as listed on Indeed India that millennial can take up during the festive months to earn some good money.

Master of Ceremonies

If you have the gift of the gab, a job as the Master of Ceremonies is ideal for you. With the responsibility to host the event, introduce speakers, performers and engage the audience to keep the party flowing as smoothly as possible, the role can earn an average of ₹93,320 going all the way up to ₹1,89,666 per month.

Entertainment Manager

An entertainment manager is responsible for managing performances, events, artistes and entertainers. This role can earn an average monthly salary of ₹25,648 and has an upper limit of ₹60,833.

Makeup Artist

Parties often call for decking up and looking ones best. A Makeup Artist is responsible for consulting and applying makeup for clients. A Makeup Artist earns an average monthly salary of ₹21,822 and goes up to ₹53,000.


A caterer owns the skill to prepare and transport food as well as steward services for events. If you own these skills, as a caterer, you can earn an average amount of ₹17,001 per month, going up to ₹48,000.

Event Planner

If designing, planning and executing events flawlessly is your forte, this job as an event planner is for you. An event planner can earn an average monthly salary of ₹18,240 and goes up to ₹47,000.

Disc Jockey

With the skill to mix and match tracks and play music that makes everyone groove, this job as a Disc Jockey can bring in an average monthly salary of ₹18,165, up to ₹45,000.

Party Hostess/ Host

If you own the skill to provide guests with an exceptional experience by being their main point of contact during the course of their time at the event, this job as a Party Hostess/ Host can earn you an average monthly salary of ₹16,008, with an upper limit of ₹44,000.

Dance Instructor

Events are bustling with music and dance. Events that include performances often hire dance instructors to train groups with moves to various party hits. The job of a Dance Instructor pays ₹17,681 per month on average, going up to ₹41,000 per month.


With an eye to select and recommend the perfect flowers for each occasion, the job as a florist has an average monthly income of INR 17,087 going up to an amount of INR 37,417.

Lighting Technician

If the movement and set up of various pieces of lighting equipment for separation of light and shadow or contrast, depth of field or visual effects are a part of your skill set, this job is for you. The role of a Light Technician can earn an average monthly salary of ₹13,931 and goes up to ₹33,000.

Salary estimates are based on salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed by employees, users, and collected from past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

Source from HT media

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