10 quick and easy hairstyle tutorials to make and use for any occasion

Every woman at least once in her life has slept with beautiful hair and when she woke up the next day she was faced with a big mess in her hair, tangled strands that seem to have no solution, but calm down, waking up in bad hair is more common than we think and there are many ways to deal with it. Forget the traditional hairstyle you wear every day and here are some hairstyles that are easy and quick to make to save you in times of bad hair day.

Hairstyle 1

Hairstyle ponytail
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A different ponytail, charming and ideal to fix very voluminous hair.

You will need: four hair bands.

1– Untangle and put all hair back.
2– Then, fasten normally like a regular ponytail.
3– In the rest of the ponytail, secure with elastics, the ideal is that this step is done with great care, to get this volume effect.

Hairstyle 2

Hairstyle braid
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A loose hairstyle braid is all you need to straighten out the messy strands and still look like a peasant.

You will need: two rubber bands and a fine comb.

1- Untangle the hair and divide it in half.
2– Make an inlaid braid on the left side of the hair and secure it before halfway through, repeat the process on the right side.
3– Finish, making curls with a curling iron the rest of the hair length or straighten with a flat iron.

Hairstyle 3

Hairstyle bun with scrunchie
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Hairstyle with a youthful touch and very practical for casual occasions and times when you wake up late.

You will need: two scrunchies (preferably the same color or pattern).

1– Comb your hair and divide it in half.
2– Make two buns and secure with scrunchie, leave two thin strands loose in front of hair.

Hairstyle 4

Hairstyle bun
Image: Pinterest

The scarf is a strong trend and when you use it in your hair, the hairstyle is even more beautiful, the accessory added style to the classic bun.

You will need: a scarf or scrunchie.

1– Comb your hair and make a bun on top of your head with the elastic.
2– After bundling, tie the scarf to the hairstyle or put on the scrunchie.

  • If you have bangs, let them loose to make them look prettier.

Hairstyle 5

Hairstyle bun with braid
Image: Pinterest

Another simple bun, but it has a different touch and is very easy to make.

You will need: hair elastics.

1– Untangle the hair, put it back and leave two thin strands in front.
2– Make a bun on top of the head and secure it with a hair band.
3– On the two thin strands on the front of the hair, make thin braids and secure the ends with an elastic band and the hairstyle is ready.

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Hairstyle 6

Image: Pinterest

Want to let your hair down even on a bad hair day? You can bet on a braid that gives a differential to the hairstyle in a delicate and very feminine way.

You will need: hair elastics.

1– Comb your hair and divide a lock of the desired size.
2– On the separate strand, make a recessed braid and secure the end with an elastic band.
3– Comb the rest of the hair sideways and finish the way you prefer.

Hairstyle 7

Image: Pinterest

How about getting your curly hair in a nice hairstyle? The back strands make the face even more evident and is a practical way to comb your hair.

You will need: hair elastics and comb.

1– Untangle all the hair and apply styling cream to facilitate handling.
2– Separate a part of the hair and secure it on top of the head, divide in two so that it is spread out and voluminous around the head.
3– Finish the hair the way you prefer.

Hairstyle 8

Image: Pinterest

A braid has the ability to make any hairstyle much more stylish, even those that are simple.

You will need: hair elastics.

1– Comb your hair and divide a central strand.
2– On the central strand, make a recessed braid and secure it to the top of the head.
3– Leave the rest of the hair down.

  • Doing this hairstyle yourself can be a bit of work, if possible have someone do the braid for you.

Hairstyle 9

Image: Pinterest

A few years ago the half bun hairstyle was very successful and was one of the most used hairstyles, with time it went out of fashion, but it is still an excellent option for those who do not want to spend a lot of time doing a difficult hairstyle.

You will need: hair elastic or scrunchie.

1– Untangle all the hair and separate a central strand with plenty of hair.
2– Take the central lock and make a bun on top of the head and tie.
3– Leave the rest of the hair and the coolest thing about this hairstyle is that it has this messy effect.

Hairstyle 10

Image: Pinterest

This is the basic hairstyle that you can do in three minutes or less and look delicate.

You will need: hair elastic.

1– comb all the hair and separate two thin strands in front of the hair.
2– Make two braids from front strands of hair and secure at the back.

From different ponytails to braids, it has hairstyles for all hair types, for all tastes and occasions perfect for bad hair day. And of course, to have beautiful hair, you also need to take care of it correctly and especially the ends.

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Which of these hairstyles is your favorite and which do you really want to do? There are 10 beautiful and easy options to make, which hairstyle do you usually use during bad hair day? Tell us in the comments.

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