10 Ways to wear overlay looks

The traditional combination of pants and blouse has been a classic in looks for a long time, but nowadays for
those looking to innovate when dressing, overlaying is a stylish, practical and different alternative. With two pieces that already exist in the wardrobe, you can create a completely new look. Learn below some ways to use this trend.

What are overlay looks?

This is a strategy that consists of creating layers with two, three or four clothes and creating a different look
with a unique proposal. These looks can be used any season of the year, as long as you wear them
correctly and that both piecescombine and complement each other.

How to assemble an overlay look?

  • The piece you wear underneath must always be tight: it is ideal that you wear the clothes and not that
    she wears you, in the overlapping it doesn’t work to wear clothes that are too loose because it will look
    like you are a hanger. Regardless of the overlay you will wear, the piece you wear underneath should always
    be tighter to the body, while the top piece is wider, and thus creates balance.
  • Wear clothes of different colors: to make the look different and a creative touch, wear clothes that have
    different colors, so it will be possible to have a good view of the pieces and the combination of them
    will make more sense. Even if you wear different colors, it’s nice that they create a contrast between
    themselves, without being too flashy or vibrant, the intention is to be stylish and not the opposite, right?
  • Wear matching-colored clothes to make them look like a single piece: the boom in monochromatic looks is
    definitely here to stay, and the proposal of overlapping with two clothes of the same color creates this
    monochromatic effect, at the same time, it looks like you’re wearing a single piece of clothing.
    In this combination, you are free to use the colors you want and that best match your style.
  • Clothes must have different fabrics: to make your overlay more stylish, wear clothes that have different fabrics, one
    of the advantages of overlay looks is that it multiplies your looks, a piece can be used in a number of different ways ranging from basic style to more eccentric, and this can be achieved by blending fabrics. Cotton with satin, linen and polyamide are just a few options.

Take those clothes from your wardrobe that you no longer wear and give her new possibilities, through
overlapping, use your creativity when getting dressed. See some of the best look options.

Blouse and shirt

Blouse and shirt overlay look

For those who like something traditional but still want that differential in the look, the combination of blouse and shirt can be the right choice, it is classic and at the same time casual, ideal to be used in many different occasions and environments. To make this look even more interesting, wear blouses that have collars, sleeves or necklines and make it clear that everything will be more charming.

Vest and shirt

Shirt and vest overlay look

A stylish 2021 trend and perfect for cold day looks, wearing a shirt with a knitted vest is almost like stealing a look from your father or grandfather, after all, they are the ones who are used to this combination, but it is possible to wear these two pieces in a stylish and very feminine way, for this, choose a vest that has prints or colors contrasting with the shirt color and wear high heels to give a delicate touch to the production.

Corselet and shirt

Corselet and shirt overlay look

The main rule to wear overlay is to wear a tight garment at the bottom and a loose one on top, but here this rule does not need to be followed and the opposite should happen, the shirt is wider and the corselet is fitted on top, this piece is sensual and is great for marking and tightening the body. Depending on the size of your shirt, you can wear it alone as a dress or put one piece on your legs, but ideally this other piece is similar in color to the rest of your look.

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Shirt and crop top

Shirt and crop top overlay look

Practical, basic and timeless outfit, these two pieces together result in looks ideal for everyday use and are easy to wear. The top crop has a short modeling and is close to the belly, when wearing this look, avoid letting the belly showing, wear pants, shorts or a skirt that is exactly where the crop top ends.

Blouse and dress

This trend has been a success in street style for many years, it was first used by young people and over time it also became part of the looks of adult women, in this combination the shirt worn underneath is usually made of cotton fabric, so , the dress should have a more sophisticated fabric (slip dresses are great for this overlay). If you want to dress this look in a formal way, wear dark dresses, if you prefer something more casual, bet on dresses with prints.

Blouse and jumpsuit

Be it denim, linen or cotton jumpsuit, this is one of the perfect pieces and it looks good in any way in an overlay, the versatility is huge, you can wear it with any type of blouse or jumpsuit and you can bet on different colors to give it a touch contemporary in its production. To make everything harmonious, remember to wear a tighter piece and a wider one, if in this look the two pieces are the same, the result may not be very good, when wearing a tight blouse, prefer loose-fitting jumpsuit and when dressing baggy blouse, tight jumpsuit view.

Other tips for wearing overlay clothing

  • Dress overlay with black and white clothes: this is a classic that never goes out of style, and if you don’t want a dress that’s too daring, bet on this combination of colors that is already so traditional in fashion.
  • Wear different sized clothes: It’s essential that the clothes are different sizes to really look overlay.

Overlay looks are great for multiplying your outfits, don’t you think? Are you in the habit of dressing this way? What is your favorite combination? tell us in the comments.

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