11 Nail art for you to do at home

In the last year a lot of people had to learn to take care of their nails at home, and
with more free time, there was plenty of creativity when painting, this is exactly why the trend of decorated nails
has returned with everything in the last few months, but if you haven’t joined this trend yet, you still have
time, and in this post we brought 11 decorated nails and the step by step how to do at home.

How to care for nails?

Before displaying a beautiful and decorated nail, you must first take good care of the result to get even better,
follow this step by step.

1Cut and file your nails: cut your nails to the shape you like best, then file to improve the appearance, but without reducing the size. If your nails are curled, sand with a polishing file on the surface.

2Soften and remove the cuticle: apply an emollient cream and water to the cuticles to soften, then push with a nail spatula and remove excess skin with pliers, remove carefully so as not to hurt yourself.

3Apply foundation on the nails: after taking care of the nail, apply a foundation to protect the nails and then start nail polish.

Nail art 1

Nail art how to make at home

You will need: colorless enamel, white enamel, light pink, blue and lilac.

1– Paint all nails with colorless enamel

2– Make fine lines asymmetrically on the tips of all nails in white, pink, blue and lilac colors, to make it
easier when making nail art, use a thin brush and adhesive tape.

Nail art 2

Nail art with flowers

You will need: colorless, white, orange and yellow enamel.

1– Paint the nails of the thumb, index and little finger with orange nail polish.

2– Paint the nails of the middle and ring fingers with colorless enamel, with a nail brush, draw flowers of alternating
colors (white, orange and yellow) on the nails.

Nail art 3

Nail art fun with smile

You will need: colorless, green, pink, purple, blue, yellow and black enamel.

1– Paint all nails with colorless enamel

2- With a large nail polish brush, make a ball centered on each nail (each with a different color of enamel).

3– When the nail is completely dry, take a thin brush and black enamel and draw a smiley face.

Nail art 4

Nail art Yin-yang

You will need: green and white enamel.

1– Paint all nails with green enamel

2- With the help of a nail brush and white enamel, make the Yin-yang symbol on the nails of the
little finger and middle finger and index finger.

Nail art 5

Nail art cloud

You will need: blue and white nail polish

1– Paint all nails with blue enamel

2– To make the clouds, you will need a hair clip, apply white enamel on the round part of the clip
and apply it on the nail, making balls next to each other until it is shaped like a cloud.

Nail art 6

Nail art flowers white and black

You will need: colorless, black and white enamel

1– Paint your thumb, index and pinky nails with white enamel.

2– Paint the nails of the ring and middle finger with colorless enamel, after drying, with a nail brush, make two flowers one on the tip of the nail and the other close to the cuticle.

Nail art 7

You will need: black and white nail polish

1– Paint all nails with white enamel

2– With black enamel and a hairpin, make the spots on the nail unevenly until the nails are similar to cow print

Nail art 8

You will need: light pink and black nail polish

1– Paint all nails with pink nail polish

2– With black enamel and a very thin nail brush, make small balls on the little finger, three balls on the middle finger and a ball on the nail of the index finger.

Nail art 9

You will need: light pink, burnt pink, white and black enamel.

1– Paint the nails of the little finger, middle finger and thumb with light pink nail polish, on the middle finger draw a heart with black nail polish and a thin brush.

2– Paint the nails of the ring and index finger with burnt pink enamel, on the ring finger, make horizontal stripes with the white enamel and on the index finger make polka dots.

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Nail art 10

You will need: clear, pink, blue, black, purple and white enamel.

1– Paint all nails with transparent enamel

2– Make a drawing on each nail

  • little finger: make a vertical line with light blue enamel
  • ring finger: use a brush and make purple polka dots
  • middle finger: with the white, blue and black nail polish, make an eye on the tip of the nail
  • index finger: paint the tip of the nail with light pink enamel and make stripes with pink pink enamel.

These nails that have different designs and with different elements, are called chaotic nails and are a main current trends, it is worth using creativity and mixing many colors to make a nail art like this and invest in this trend.

Nail art 11

You will need: transparent enamel, orange, yellow, black, lilac, red, blue and pink.

1– Paint all nails with transparent enamel.

2– Make a triangle next to the cuticle on all nails (each with a different color).

3– With a fine brush and black enamel, make small balls on all nails.

The last few months have been difficult, so wearing a colorful outfit or investing in colors when painting your nails is a great way to distract and in a way to add a little more color to life, which is what we need right now.

If you’re not good at painting your nails, you can use stickers or use something like glitter and velvet to make a difference and show off much prettier nails out there, mix colors, test designs and see what suits you the most, right?

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