5 Print of clothes you need to have in the wardrobe

You might be a classic person who loves clothes that have a single color, but you have to admit that
having a print outfit in your wardrobe is perfect for many occasions, a printed outfit tends to make the look
more relaxed and creates a contrast, especially when combined with clothes in unique colors. As the fashion scene
is constantly changing, there are always new prints coming up and other timeless ones that have been around for
so long that it’s almost mandatory to have in your wardrobe and this post is about these prints, we made
a selection of the five essential prints you have to have.

Polka dots

Polka dots print

A classic print from the 40’s and 50’s and an eternal reference in the pin-up style, the polka dolts print
arose because of a musical style called polka, in which Eastern European immigrants had the culture of dancing
in circular shapes and this format of circle was present in the costumes of the time to refer the dance,
since then, it has become popular around the world and is one of the most timeless prints there is.
Of course, over the years, black and white polka dots have given way to other colors and sizes too, even if used in a modern look, this print will add a vintage touch to any look.

How to wear polka dots print

How to wear: the famous polka dot print is so traditional and very easy to wear, depending on what style
you want to follow, it can be very versatile and blends in with many other pieces. If the clothes with polka
dots have neutral colors, you can combine them with other pieces that have the same color, if the clothes have
colored polka dots, match them with other clothes in neutral colors. The essential rule to wear this print is not
to overdo it, bet on the basics that you will be well dressed.

Striped print

Striped print

Without a doubt, stripes are one of the oldest prints in history, even in the middle ages it was already
used by people with positions considered below the standard of society at the time because the intention was
that they would go unnoticed, as the years went by to be the print of the sailors’ universe, then Coco
Chanel wore and immortalized the print, as well as celebrities Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn who tastefully wore the print. Currently, it is possible to find several models of clothes with the famous print of stripes
(whether vertical or horizontal) and different from how it used to be, this is an accessible print for everyone, in
addition to being very versatile.

How to wear striped print looks

How to wear: striped clothes can be used from the work environment to a walk, they can be casual and
formal, depending on the colors and sizes of the stripes. Wearing striped clothes is a very easy task, especially if
they are black and white, the possibilities of combinations are great, in the case of colored stripes, you can bet on something creative and create a production that follows the modern urban style.

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A delicate and romantic touch is also guaranteed space in the wardrobe thanks to the floral print. Its history began some time ago, in the 18th century with the Art Nouveau artistic movement and it inspires and values nature. Considered part of the romantic style for a long time, now the floral print already exists in the fashion world with many color variations, so it is possible to use it in many different styles, as long as this is thought taking into account the color of the clothes.

How to wear: whether light colored flowers or dark colors, this is the perfect print for those looking for a romantic look, the floral can be in skirts, pants, blouses or dresses. As this print tends to be lighter, it doesn’t go well with dark clothes, but the way you wear it depends on the occasion, your style and how you intend to wear it, right?


A long and extensive history marks the emergence of the chess print in fashion, each chess variation had its emergence in different decades and were motivated by reasons of what was happening at the time. Some types of checker patterns that exist: Prince of Wales, Vichy, argyle buffalo check and pied-de-poule. This is a print that never goes out of style and can be worn all year round, but they tend to be more fashionable during the winter.

How to wear: you are probably already used to seeing plaid clothes in people who have a grunge style, but be aware that this print can be used for many different styles, it will depend on the type of plaid print and the chosen garment. But always try to combine with other clothes that have the colors of the checkered clothes, so it will be a harmonious and very stylish production.

Animal print

Animal prints emerged in the 1930s and the intention was to imitate the pattern of animal skin, these prints were used as a symbol of power and wealth. In 1940, this print first appeared in Dior fashion shows on shoes, bags and accessories, around the 50s and 60s cinema helped to popularize the animal print even more since celebrities Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn wore it, since then, wearing clothes with animal prints is already common in fashion, in some years and in certain seasons they tend to be more used, in others it doesn’t appear very often. Anyway, it’s essential to have at least one animal-patterned outfit, whether it’s a jaguar, leopard, zebra, cow or snake, just choose the one that suits you and best matches your style.

How to wear: of all the prints, this is the one that makes the person wearing it much more powerful and even a little sexy or fun, but for each of these styles, you need to take into account the way you intend to dress, want something more classic ? Bet on the smallest and most discreet animal print, want a flashy look? Wear the animal print that is wider and with colors that stand out.

Other tips for wearing printed clothes

  • Avoid matching prints if you don’t want an exaggerated look;
  • Combine only with discreet accessories so the look doesn’t get too much information;
  • Use prints that match your personal style and favor your biotype.

Which print is your favorite? Which do you use often? Tell us in the comments!

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