5 Ways to use glitter in everyday makeup

Since always the glitter makeup is very associated with the night, the brightness that is his strong feature stands out
too much at parties and evening events giving a glamor to the makeup, little by little this has changed and
the glitter is appearing more frequently in the makeups of the day. But do you still have doubts about how
to use glitter in the morning and without looking like you’re going to a party? So, check out the following
tips and learn how to insert this item into your beauty routine.

Choosing product texture

The beauty industry is gigantic and independent of the product you are going to use, it is possible to find
a wide variety with different colors and textures, some are easy to apply, others require a little more dedication when
applying. Identify which is best for your skin.

Gel glitter: to apply glitter in this format you need a brush or you can apply it with your fingers,
it fixes easier on the skin, but has a slightly sticky texture.

Glitter powder: be careful with this type of glitter, because it can easily fall on other areas of the face,
before using, apply a fixative on your skin so that it lasts longer, and with the help of a brush,
apply the glitter. The advantage of using the brush is that you can vary and use a small amount just to
add a touch of light or use a large amount.

Remembering that you can find these textures in shadows, highlighter, blush and even lipstick.

How to use glitter in everyday make-up


The eyes are a striking region and depending on the makeup you do, it will stand out too much, there
are three different ways to use glitter in your eyes.

Glitter eyelids makeup
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Eyelids: at night you can use the glitter eyeshadow all over the eyelid, for the makeup of the day, it
should be used subtly, choose a focus point for the glitter to be located (it can be in the center
of the eyelid or in the inner region to give a glowing look), and combine it with other neutral colored
eyeshadows, if you wear a little makeup on your eye, use something basic in your mouth.

Glitter below the lower lashes makeup
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Glitter below the lower lashes: for those looking for something discreet but still want a shine, the suggestion is to
use glitter below the lower lashes, it is a delicate and different option, it can be used with a darker
makeup or the eyelid can be without shadow.

Glitter eyeliner makeup
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Glitter eyeliner: if you want to use an eyeliner different from the traditional black one, you can bet on the
glitter eyeliner (it can be any color), you can just use it or make a double eyeliner.

  • How to make outlined with glitter: you can find the eyeliner in different formats, pen or gel that are easier to apply, but if you don’t find it, you can use a glitter powder and beveled brush to make the outline, apply the eyeshadow fixer before making the stroke.


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The matte lipstick already has a guaranteed space in our makeup case, but if you want to get away from this kind of lipstick, you can use a gloss, and again what matters is the idea of subtlety, you can’t use a red lipstick full of glitter during the day, the ideal are nude tones and light pink, if you want something more discreet you can use the colorless glitter gloss alone (which stands out more and leaves the lips more voluminous) or use over the lipstick of another color (which enhances the color and makes it even more alive).


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If you want a natural glow on your skin, you can use an illuminator, this product has been part of the makeup routine for a while, in its composition it contains glitter particles that leave the natural skin with a shine, without exaggeration.

Ideal illuminator for every skin tone

Light skin – champagne, pearly and peach tones are the most suitable to lighten that skin tone.
Brown skin – illuminators with golden background enhances the tone of the brown skin, you can also mix golden illuminators with shades of medium pink or peach to balance the makeup.
Black skin – the dark golden illuminator is the best for this skin, women who have black skin should avoid illuminators with a gray background because it does not stand out.

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How to use illuminator: apply illuminator on the central line of the nose, chin, cheekbones and cupid’s bow, but be careful when applying, use a fan brush to apply in the right measure and in the right places.

How to remove glitter makeup from your face?

If there is something that sticks to the skin and it takes work to remove it is the glitter, you can even take it off but there will always be a small particle left on your skin, there are a few ways to completely remove glitter, they are:

Make-up remover: the make-up remover has the action of completely removing the makeup from the face, if it is biphasic it is even greater because the oil helps to remove the glitter, moisten a piece of cotton and apply it on the skin.

Adhesive tape: wrap an adhesive tape on your finger and apply to areas that are glittery, it will stick to the tape.

Coconut oil: this oil is a natural option to replace makeup remover, it is possible to eliminate glitter from the face without creating friction, but if your skin is oily, avoid using the oil to remove glitter because it will make it even more oily.

Regardless of the way you choose to remove the glitter, then do a thorough cleaning with soap and cold water and then apply a moisturizer.

Regardless of the way you choose to remove the glitter, then do a thorough cleaning with soap and cold water and then apply a moisturizer.

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