7 Different ways to wear sweatshirt

There are some clothes that are always used inside the house that it is even difficult to imagine looks with
her for other occasions, it is not? The sweatshirt set is one of those clothes, however basic and comfortable it
is, it still causes a certain strangeness in street style, but that has changed recently, we got so used to
wearing sweatpants and now she will continue with everything in our street looks.
Don’t know how to wear the sweatshirt on a daily basis? So, learn to follow 7 different ways to use.

Sweatshirt history

The sweatshirt emerged around the 1920s to protect workers from the cold, over the years it gained new colors and
models, getting more and more popular, in the 1960s, it was widely used by students in the United States, in the 70s, hoodie was used as part of hip hop culture, in the 80s the sweatshirt became part of streetwear and since 1990 it is known as it is today, always with innovations in colors, prints and models,without ever losing comfort that is already something so characteristic of this outfit.

How to choose the ideal sweatshirt?

There is a wide variety of sweatshirt, both in the set and in the sweatshirt sweaters, when choosing yours, it
is important that you pay attention to your style. If you have a habit of wearing basic clothes,choose simpler models with neutral colors, now, if you like to innovate and escape the casual, colorful, patterned and customized sweatshirts can be ideal for you.

How to wear sweatshirt?

Check out the following inspirations of looks and learn to use the piece of the moment.

Sweatshirt and pants

Sweatshirt and pants how to wear

A casual look can also be a stylish look, and the union of jeans and sweatshirt is proof of that,
this combination allows for several possibilities, you can use it with different types of pants and different types of sweatshirt,
you can even merge styles, how to wear a fun print sweatshirt and more basic pants or wear a neutral colored sweatshirt and different pants. To give that extra boost, use accessories, from an earring to a more attractive bag, as long as it doesn’t get too much information and overloads the look.

Sweatshirt and biker shorts

Sweatshirt and biker shorts how to wear

The biker shorts and sweatshirt are commonly used clothes in the gym, that is, this will be a doubly comfortable
outfit, perfect to be used on an afternoon stroll. To end this gym image, prefer a sweatshirt or birken that
has a print or different colors, avoid the monochromatic in this combination and wear it with sneakers or heels, and the style trick that makes the look even more stylish is to let the sock appear, regardless of the shoes chosen.

Sweatshirt as a dress

Sweatshirt as a dress how to wear

This is certainly one of the most feminine and daring ways to wear sweatshirt, to use it as a single
piece, ideally, you should wear a sweatshirt that is larger than you are used to, so it looks sexy and
stylish in the right measure. That way it can be used even at a party, for this, compliment with heavier
accessories that have sparkles.

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Sweatshirt with denim shorts

Sweatshirt with denim shorts how to wear

Basic and practical are great words to describe the combination of sweatshirt and denim shorts, combination that has a
youthful style, it’s a look easy to put together and great to use in close places.Use it preferably with
sneakers to keep that youthful footprint.

Sweatshirt and skirt

Sweatshirt with skirt how to wear

If you are looking for a different and creative look, you can bet on the combination of skirt and sweatshirt, the chosen skirt can be short or midi, the result is different and in a high-low style (when a basic piece is used with a more elegant one). In the case of a skirt look, the sweatshirt can be used in a cool way or the sweatshirt is long, worn over the skirt, thus leaving a more formal look that can be used even at work.

Sweatshirt and trench coat

Sweartshirt and trench coat how to use

The trench coat has the ability to make any look much more elegant and with the sweatshirt set it would be no different, this combination is perfect if you have a classic style and value comfortable clothes, to further complement that elegance, you can combine it with high heels or if you prefer you can use it with boots or sneakers to break the seriousness and leave the look more stripped.


Gone are the days when sweatpants were seen only as part of hip hop culture, nowadays it is one of the most used, regardless of style, from traditional sweatpants to the jogger model (which is very successful today), it matches both sports shoes and thin strap sandals. Sweatpants can be used from the look to go to the supermarket to the work look, the important thing is that the other composition clothes harmonize with each other. To escape the simplicity of t-shirts and pants, add a third piece as a jacket or coat, which will make all
the difference in the look.

From sportswear to streetwear, the sweatshirt has evolved a lot in recent times and is increasingly present in our daily lives. From the looks above, you can see how versatile and easy to use. If you have a sweatshirt saved and only use it at home, this is the time to take out of the wardrobe and think about incredible combinations you can do with it and of course, always thinking about your personal style, after all, there are options for all tastes and the sweatshirt is one of those clothes able to move through different styles and that in a short time can transform a simple look into an elegant one.

Do you like wearing sweatpants in your street look or just at home? What is your favorite way to wear sweatshirt and which one do you like least? Which look is your favorite? And which sweatshirt model do you like the most?

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