7 key factors that can influence customer satisfaction in Tourism Industry

The success of travel agencies is when they satisfy their customers’ experience of the tour by making them happy. It isn’t a cakewalk to satisfy customers. As customers demand several things and hence pleasing them is a baffling task. They look into small aspects and when not satisfied, they even switch over to other travel agencies. Travel agencies should bear in mind that very small aspects add affect the decision making and hence such mistakes are to be prevented. Here are mentioned a few aspects that aggravate the customers and are to be avoided by travel agencies. 

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1.    Trip price increases after the complete payment 

Tourists find it annoying when they have to pay additional euros for the trip after making the complete payment. There are chances for enhancement in airport tax or package service, but it irritates the tourists a lot. Though such circumstances are foreseen and mentioned in the contract, during reality it’s quite frustrating for customers. To handle such situations, the travel agencies can increase the price a little initially by a few euros. 

2.    Unpunctual bus drivers

A good bus driver is significant to make the trip successful by visiting all sites. Hence the bus driver allotted by the travel agency should be punctual. The driver should be responsible and get involved in the plan. Travelers love to explore their trip and hence expect a punctual driver satisfying their requirement. At times when the driver is unpunctual, it would be tough to handle the customers especially elder ones. 

3.    Tour guides that are non-flexible 

Tour guides can be flexible when there unity at times of change. When the tourists are not satisfied there are more chances to lose the customers. Hence focusing on customer satisfaction is important. For example, when the tourist’s group are teenagers and request to shop before entering the city, it would be advisable to satisfy their request. This satisfies the group and they are happy with the tour agencies. 

4.    Changing trip plans suddenly

The itinerary is prepared well in advance and provided to the tourists. If there are any changes in the itinerary it is significant to update the tourists well in advance. The tourists plan their day and start their travel and when sudden surprises regarding changes are informed, they are annoyed. The travel agencies should send them an email, mobile message, etc. and inform any changes in the tour plan. 

5.    Variation in discounts and offers 

Many travelers opt for the tour after being attracted by the offers and discounts. The travel agencies should make sure to follow the offers and discounts as mentioned in their site or itinerary. When there are chances and if tourists don’t get their deals they are frustrated. This also leads to a bad reputation of the travel agencies.  

6.    being informative 

All travelers try to gain knowledge as they travel to any particular place. The travel agencies should make sure to send knowledge filled guides, who know the history and details of the places being visited. Travel agencies can also please the tourists by providing them with printed sheets about the plan and places being covered. Such detailed planning would make tourists recommend the travel agencies names to other customers. 

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7.    Travel agencies being in touch with travelers

Tourists are traveling to a new place and they might be unaware of various things. Hence travel agencies should make sure they are in contact with the tourists before and during the travel. The tour agencies can also make arrangements for contacting them when they are dispersed at places during travel. When tourists are lost in any spot, they get annoyed when they aren’t able to contact the travel guide. Hence such arrangements would impress them and make them come back for another trip. 


Travelling is fun and tourists choose a travel agency to so that the trip is comfortable, easy and happy. Hence it is the responsibility of the travel agencies to satisfy their customers in all ways. The travel agencies should keep up their promises and procedures and make all arrangements that do not affect their customers.  

Tourists are annoyed at certain minor aspects and hence such things need to be concentrated throughout the tour. Above mentioned are few aspects that travelers are annoyed about and these are minor ones that can be avoided. With proper planning and execution, the travel agencies can satisfy their customers and make a trip happy. 

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