7 Tips to assemble a capsule wardrobe

In recent years a lot has been said about sustainable fashion, the textile industry is known as the second most
pollutant in the world, and the production of clothes with sustainable raw materials has had less impact on the environment,
but it’s not just the way clothes are made that will make all the difference, it’s also necessary to adopt
new consumption habits to be able to live in a better world, and something that has been used a lot
and has been very successful recently is the capsule wardrobe, but do you know what a capsule wardrobe is and
how to assemble yours? We answered everything in this post.

What is a capsule wardrobe

What is a capsule wardrobe?

The capsule wardrobe is a compact version of the traditional wardrobe, this concept was created by stylist Susie Faux in
the 70s and was a collection with basic and timeless pieces, but that term became known in 1985 when stylist
Donna Karan created a collection with just seven pieces of practical and conceptual clothing, a few years later and the
capsule wardrobe continues to be a fashion concept, which revolves around having a minimalist, compact and versatile closet,
with pieces that are part of your style and suit different seasons, this model goes completely against overconsumption and
fast fashion, and makes people consciously consume in a sustainable way.

How to choose a capsule wardrobe

As it is a reduced version, you do not need to have a closet or a large wardrobe, there are
some smaller and more practical alternatives for you to store your clothes.

How to choose a capsule wardrobe

Modulated wardrobe: this type of wardrobe is small, practical and has some spaces to store shoes and other personal objects,
it is the ideal option for you to store your clothes in an organized way.

Clothes rack: we have known the clothes rack for a long time at the clothing stores and having one of
these at home will leave the atmosphere much more cool, it leaves your clothes exposed and it is very easy
when choosing to create the look.

If the traditional size wardrobe is the best option for you, it can be used too and the best thing
is that with a smaller amount of clothes, it will be much easier to organize

7 tips for assemble the capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe must be functional, have the clothes you like and you can use it in different ways, you
must always be in league with this thought of having practicality in the locker room, see some tips on how
to assemble your wardrobe.

1Know your style

It is extremely important that you know what your style is before setting up your wardrobe, you don’t need to
insert clothes you don’t like just because it’s practical and functional, choose what is part of your style but it
is possible to create some possibilities for that piece. A good tip to do this, is to analyze your old
looks and think about what you wear most often and the little used clothes, from that, it is possible to
have an idea that clothes are really part of your style and will be used.

2Choose a color palette

Choose the color palette

Whenever we think of minimalism or a capsule wardrobe, people already associate it with black and white colors because they
are neutral and make the look aesthetically cleaner, to create your capsule wardrobe you don’t just need to have black
or white clothes (one piece or another can be good), choose a color palette that is part of your style
and invest in it, choose clothes that have variations of that same tone and can even have some pieces with
print, as long as all these colors work well with your clothes.

3- Number of pieces needed

This can vary between 15, 30 and 50 pieces, you can have less clothes if you find it necessary, but a wardrobe with that amount reduces excess consumption and is too useful, it is a guarantee that you will actually wear all of these pieces over a period of time, select well all the clothes that will be part of your capsule closet.

4- Prefer clothes with classic modeling

Even if you choose all the pieces calmly according to your style, at some point there may be a question of what to wear, so it is essential that you have some clothes with more classic modeling in your wardrobe, they can be used on different occasions, it’s worth paying attention to the fabrics too,invest in good fabrics and cutouts, a capsule wardrobe is much more about the quality of the pieces than the quantity.

5Create looks that match your routine

Assemble one or more options of looks with your clothes always thinking about your daily routine, your clothes must be functional, what you wear on a day at work can adapt to a party look, think of the environments you are used to and choose clothes that adapt to different environments.

Create looks in the capsule wardrobe

6Determine a time to renew your clothes

Having a capsule wardrobe completely goes against the idea of buying in excess, you should buy it once and be sure to choose the right clothes, this is to avoid buying the latest fashion trend or a blouse that you know you will not wear, but for this to work in the right way, it’s ideal that you determine how many times a year you’re going to buy clothes, once every six months? Or once a year? Get organized and if necessary, take a list with the clothes you want to buy.

7Donate the clothes you no longer wear

With a redesigned wardrobe, it’s time to select everything you don’t use and will no longer be useful for making a donation, there are thousands of people who need clothes and if you’re not going to wear it anymore, it can be useful for someone. If you are in need of money and the clothes are in good condition, you can even create a bazaar to sell.

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What do you need in your capsule wardrobe?

There is no right rule, this can vary according to your style, but it is indicated that you have up to 50 pieces. A recommended option:

  • 15 top clothes
  • 9 pants, skirt, shorts
  • 2 dresses
  • 2 coats
  • 9 pairs of shoes

This change from traditional wardrobe to the capsule is slow, it starts little by little,thinking about what you like and what you don’t like to wear, this is just an option, but you can prioritize other clothes, as well as avoid clothes that you will not wear at all.

Capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobe benefits

Having a capsule wardrobe will completely change the way you dress and face fashion, in addition to being beneficial to the world, some of the benefits of adopting the capsule wardrobe are:

Less garbage production and conscious impact: this wardrobe format is sustainable and favors conscious consumption, it is very much associated with show fashion, that is, it impacts fast fashion (and its working conditions), which generates a lot of garbage and consequently pollution.

It is more economical: buying clothes less often impacts your financial life, and you can save money you previously spent on clothes otherwise.

Greater practicality when dressing: with few clothes, it will be easier to choose what to wear during the day, this wardrobe provides you with more versatility and options and this makes it easier even when you are not creative to put together an elaborate look.

Practical, functional, sustainable, the capsule wardrobe is the ideal option for you who are looking to lead a more minimalist life, and it starts with small changes.

Are you a fan of the capsule wardrobe or prefer to consume more clothes?

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