8 Essential clothes you need to have in your wardrobe

Do you know that feeling that almost every woman has when opening the wardrobe and not finding any nice clothes
to wear? This often happens for a reason: the clothes don’t match each other, unfortunately this is a common mistake
of women who buy a lot of clothes without even thinking about their personal style, and when it comes time
to really dress is that they have difficulty. But to make your life a little uncomplicated, this post has a list of 8 essential
pieces that every woman needs to have in her wardrobe to use on different occasions and combinations.


Jeans essential clothes in wardrobe
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A look with jeans is the guarantee of comfort and casualness, everyone has to have at least one piece of
jeans at home, be it pants, skirt, shorts or jacket, regardless of their style it can be used in casual
occasions when it is not very elaborate looks are needed.

It is ideal that you have a more discreet and dark colored jeans to wear in simpler looks and jeans
with a little more different modeling and that have details for you to use in looks with a differential touch.

Looks with pants jeans
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How to wear: wearing jeans is not wrong, you can wear with clothes of different fabrics and colors or
if you prefer you can go for an all jeans style, it all depends on your personal style and the environment
where you will go with that look.

Black or white pants

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Neutral colored clothes allow for a multitude of options when creating the look, and having black and white pants will
help you at different times, they can be used in the work look or in simple events, and when it comes to combining there is no mistake, you can use it with other black and white pieces or with colorful clothes.

Loosk with black pants and white pants how to wear
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How to wear: a neutral colored pants is simple to wear (regardless of the fabric) if it has a differentiated
model, wear it with more basic and tight blouses, if it is just and simple, combine it with a more
exquisite blouse that has a differential (such as puffed sleeves or buttons).

Black dress

Black dress essential in wardrobe
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Every woman has to have at least one basic black dress in the wardrobe, whether to wear it at a
party or for a business meeting, it is a classic, timeless, versatile and companion for all hours, the
simplest and straightest model dress is perfect for various occasions, but the black dress with a
plunging neckline or some variation in the model is ideal for occasions that require a more sophisticated look.

Looks with black dress how to wear
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How to wear: the way you wear the black dress depends on the environment where you go, for the look of the day, you can wear it with sneakers or low sandals, for the night, you can combine it with high heels and a blazer or a third piece, accessories can also complement that look, without exaggeration.


T-shirt essential clothes
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T-shirts never go out of style, the single color and printed models are versatile, basic and comfortable, ideal to be worn at any time, it can transform your look and leave you much more stripped, of course it is possible to dress in very elegant ways and it will depend on the combination you are going to use.

Looks with t-shirt how to wear
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How to wear: with pants, skirt, shorts or dresses, you can even use a style trick and tie a t-shirt or tie a long sleeve shirt underneath.


Blazer essential clothes
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Timeless and classic, you have to have at least one blazer (with a good cut and fit) in your wardrobe, this piece concludes the look with a lot of style and elegance,nowadays it moves through the formal and informal style easily, that is, you can use it in various situations and explore the versatility of this piece.

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How to wear: the blazer stands out in any look, but you can wear it with a skirt, tailoring pants, jeans that will result in a beautiful look.

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Do you know that day that is cold but not cold enough to wear a trench coat or sweatshirt? In this situation, a cardigan can be your best option, this is a fundamental and essential piece of clothing in the looks, you can have a smaller and more traditional cardigan and a long cardigan that gives a charm and complements the looks in a harmonic way.

Looks with cardigan how to wear
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How to wear: wear with basic blouses underneath, dress, jeans, the cardigan is just a complement to keep you warm, it’s not a completely stylish piece, it’s more functional, but if you want to dress him up and still get a good look, it is worth looking at the accessories and other elements of the combination.

White tank top

White tank top essential clothes in wardrobe
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The white tank is completely simple, so it is important that you have one, especially for times when you need to wear something basic, it goes well with the combination with simple jeans, or when combined with a third piece, because there is this union of the basic with something more “chic”, it is necessary to know how to balance the look even when wearing basic clothes.

Looks with white tank top how to wear
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How to wear: because of the neutral color and basic modeling, you can combine this tank top with different pieces of low and you can use colors, whether with a pants or a more colorful skirt, it is even worth combining with other printed clothes.

White shirt

White shirt essential clothes in wardrobe
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This is certainly one of the main key pieces that a woman needs to have, the white shirt completes any look with a lot of sophistication, it is a democratic piece that goes well with practically everything, it’s no wonder that she left her work look to be present also in street style looks, invest in a good white shirt, it can be a more basic model with a classic cut or a more elaborate one with more details.

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How to wear: the white shirt is very versatile, you can use it with tailoring pants to be more formal or with jeans for a basic look, it is possible to insert it in looks of different styles.

Did you see that to have a wardrobe you don’t need a lot of clothes? But of course it all depends on your style and the clothes you consider important.

What can’t be missing from your wardrobe? What do you consider an essential outfit?

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