9 Different ways to wear denim jacket

Everyone has at least one denim outfit at home, this fabric is already a timeless classic of women’s and men’s
clothing, and even though it is a traditional garment, it is always being redesigned and gaining new forms of use,
jeans are already completely inserted in our daily lives, but another outfit that has a guaranteed space in our wardrobe
is the denim jacket, from the basic to the stylish look she is always present in the looks and now
you will learn 9 ways on how to wear this piece.

Choosing the jacket size

The denim jacket emerged in the late 19th century as a male garment and was used as a workers’ uniform,
after a few years it also became part of women’s clothing, but it gained some adaptations mainly in length, nowadays
it is possible to find cropped denim jackets, medium size or oversized.

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Cropped: the jacket is the smallest of all, it is usually at the height of the belly, it combines mainly
with tight dresses because the body is not very exposed, another tip to wear, is that your look is not
too exposed, the jacket can never be smaller than the top piece of the look.

Medium: this length is the most common in denim jackets, it combines with everything and is an excellent complement to
use with any type of blouse, dresses, skirts, in short, the versatility of this piece is great.

Oversized: the oversized jacket is bigger and bulky, it is ideal that you combine it with other tighter pieces, small
women when wearing this jacket have to be careful not to look like they are being swallowed by the piece,
this visually spoils the look.

Jacket with jeans

How to wear denim jacket with jeans pants
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Jeans with jeans have no mistake, it is the practical option, stripped, casual and combines with any occasion, the essential
tip to get this look right, is to wear pants and a jacket of similar colors, avoid wearing jeans of
different colors because it doesn’t work very well. Also pay attention to the model of the pants, if it is
wider, use the tightest jacket and if it is tight pants, you can even combine with the oversized jacket.

Denim jacket with skirt

How to wear denim jacket with skirt
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The skirt is a fairer and more feminine piece, while the jacket has the broadest modeling and has a masculine touch, using the two pieces together results in a balanced look that you can use in any season, as long as some are made modifications. For a more stripped-down look and to wear on the day or at parties, bet on the short skirt, for a more elegant look, invest in midi or long skirts.

Denim jacket and dress

How to wear denim jacket with dress
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The dress is a much more romantic and delicate outfit when you wear it with a jacket the look is much more relaxed, this is a timeless combination that can be used with both short and long dresses, you can use with single color dresses or printed, that the look will be very fashionista and suitable for different occasions.

Jumpsuit and denim jacket

How to wear denim jacket with jumpsuit
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The jumpsuit is one of the pieces that has thousands of variations of colors, models, sizes, for those who like practicality it is a great choice of clothing, but if you want to take a little of the simplicity that this piece has, you can put on a denim jacket on top to complement the look in style, if the jumpsuit is tighter to the body and long it can be used with a cropped, medium or oversized jacket, if the jumpsuit is short, combine with the normal size jacket.

With tailoring clothes

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Merging fabrics is a great option for those who want to give a different touch to the look, tailoring clothing (pants, skirt, shirt) has a very formal and serious style, while the denim jacket is informal and stripped, this is a contemporary combination that goes well from the work look (if the environment allows) to happy hour.

With T-shirt

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For a doubly stripped look, bet on the T-shirt + denim jacket combination, these are two casual clothes, and it’s great to be worn on informal occasions, goes well with different pieces on the bottom (pants, shorts, skirt), if the composition is very basic, add some accessories to increase it and make it even more stylish.

With shirt

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Any shirt tends to make the look much more formal, this is a fact, if you combine it with a denim jacket, the style of your outfit will automatically change as it is a little informal piece and has more information, if you are looking for a look more sophisticated, combine it with social fabric or tailoring pants, if your intention is just to break the formality of the shirt, combine it with other pants fabrics such as jeans or twill.

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Sweatshirt hoodie

Both the jeans and the sweatshirt are two comfortable and warm clothes, when they are used in the same look, you get a perfect combination for cold days, it is the union of comfort and style, wear the sweatshirt from below and above shirt, but as they are two heavy pieces, pay attention, if the sweatshirt is bigger than the jacket, it will be very bulky and disproportionate, the bottom piece must be lighter.

Destroyed denim jacket

The women’s denim jacket has all possible styles with different lengths, details, cutouts and something very common to find in them: destroyed effect, these jackets have precisely this effect to make the look more relaxed but not inelegant. So when you combine, wear clothes that are tighter, with neutral colors underneath and without many elements, if you wear the denim jacket with a very detailed or printed outfit, the look will be loaded with information and may not look so cool.

It looks like an easy piece to wear and it really is, but it pays to be more careful when wearing it, to think about the other clothes that will be part of the composition and whether they match each other or not.

Do you like to wear denim jacket? What is your favorite combination?

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