“Apple TV+” to launch in India

It won’t be a wrong statement if one says that this is the world of technology and new ideas. Consider any of the parts of technology, there is an idea, development, and modification. Online streaming or streaming services is one of those technologies that had taken entertainment and gaming to a new level and we can see different types of modification which is being made to make it better. 

There are various companies like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc. which provide streaming services and had dominated the market in India. Joining the race, now Apple is going to launch its Apple TV+ to provide streaming services from November 2019. There is a tough competition going on among various service providers to hold the audience’s interest as well as the business market. 

But there is a big question – will Apple TV+ be able to perform as per the expectation in India? Only time can tell the answer to this and what will happen in the near future. However, one thing must be kept in mind that Apple has come up with some lucrative features to give a tough competition to its rivals. 

Introduction to Apple TV+

CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, announced on the 25th of March that Apple will be providing online streaming through Apple TV+. Since then there is tremendous excitement among the people about the features it will going to provide. According to a report, a whopping $6 billion will be invested in this project. Old users will be provided with a seven-day free trial while a person who will buy a new Apple product will get a year free subscription. 

Availability of Apple TV+ services

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As per the news and reports, Apple TV+ services will be available in more than 100 countries from the 1st of November. It has been said that the Apple originals will be available in 40 different languages along with the subtitles and Apple TV+ series & movies can be watched in eight languages. 

Streaming cost of Apple TV+

The streaming cost of Apple TV+ is different in different countries. It is $4.99 per month in the US but the people of India have to pay only 99 rupees or $1.40 for a monthly subscription. 

The price in India is comparatively low as compared to other countries because of the dominancy of other service providers such as Netflix and Amazon prime videos. Since India has more population than other countries except for China, it can be a masterstroke to capture the market and users interest by providing services at a low cost.  

Devices Compatible for Apple TV+

All the Apple devices will have a new Apple TV app and all Apple’s programs can be watched on it. 

In addition, to make it easier for the user, Apple TV will be available on Samsung smart TV as well as on Amazon’s Fire TV. There are other devices such as smart TVs from Sony, LG, and Vizio which will also have Apple’s TV app. 

Users can also watch it online on Apple’s website tv.apple.com. iPhones and iPads will be the only compatible mobile devices to have the Apple TV app. Users not having iPhones or iPads can visit the web for streaming programs. 

The user can also download the videos for streaming it offline later. Most importantly the streaming will be ad-free, as said by Apple. 

Will Apple’s streaming service offer more than expectations?

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It will be too early to have expectations from something but one thing is clear that Apple will provide the utmost variety of entertainment to its user. There is uncertainty about the licensed content as well but the effort Apple is making to rope in the top Hollywood stars can tell us about the wide range of shows, movies and web series it will have. Also, the user can stream Apple originals in 4K, HDR and Dolby vision which will be like icing on the cake. 

It has been announced that three episodes of the series will be made available immediately and rest of the episodes will be available one by one in every week. However, for some of the series, all the episodes will be available at the same time. 

Apple confirmed to have 9 titles in Apple TV+ at launch. All nine titles are mentioned below:-

    1. See, featuring Aquaman fame Jason Momoa.
    2. The morning show, a comedy-drama series featuring Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell. 
  • Dickinson, another comedy web series to be available on Apple TV+ which is created by Alena Smith. 
  1. For all mankind, created by Ronald D. Moore is an American science-fiction series featuring Joel Kinnaman and Shantel VanSanten. 
  2. A show starring Oprah Winfrey which will be a return for her on TV through Apple TV+. 
  3. Helpsters, a kid’s show or a derivative of Sesame Street. 
  4. Ghostwriters, an adventurous series featuring 4 kids who become friends with a mysterious ghost in a nearby Bookstore. 
  5. Snoopy in Space, an animated series showing snoopy fulfilling his dream of becoming an astronaut. 
  6. The Elephant Queen, a documentary on Athena, a mother elephant saving her herd.

After the launch of Apple TV+, five more titles will be added to it will be: –

  1. Servant, a psychological thriller starring Lauren Ambrose and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.
  2. Truth Be Told, a novel based drama featuring Aaron Paul. 
  3. Little America, an American TV series under the production of Universal Television.
  4. The Banker, a true story-based series staring, Avengers fame Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson
  5. Hala, a Sundance documentary whose right is now owned by Apple. 

How to Have Apple TV+?

As mentioned earlier, it can be viewed on the web or on Apple’s app which will be preinstalled in Apple’s gadgets such as iPhones, iPads, Apple TV and iPod touch. You just have to sign up and pay the desired amount finalized for subscription to get unstoppable entertainment services at one point – that is below your thumb. 

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