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Are Animal rights in India and across the globe enough?

A recent incident in India that in one of it’s highest literate state Kerala, some unknown people killed a pregnant elephant by providing her explosive-filled pineapples. The incident triggered nationwide outrage and lots of hatred memes and speeches on social media started to pour in against the killer. The pregnant elephant’s mouth got injured badly. At last, that female elephant and her baby in the womb were found dead in a river.

Kerala Elephant Murder
Kerala Pregnant Elephant Murder Triggered Nationwide Outrage, Photo

Animal activists questioned the state government’s policy regarding cruelty against animals. This incident made us think about animal rights across the globe and in India. Are these laws enough for innocent animal’s sentience and suffering or do we need to amend them? Some countries have strict non-human animal welfare laws and India can take clues from them.

Sand Artist Sudarshan Pattnaik condemns the killing of a pregnant elephant in the Kerala State of India. Photo

World animal protection organization has created animal Protection Index to compare animal protection legislation around the world. The index has given each country scoring bands, where A being the best and G being the most room for improvement. Some countries like Austria, New Zealand, Switzerland, the United Kingdom are very well known for their Animal welfare laws and receiving an A grade.

Disney + Hotstar  [CPS] IN

One of the best countries for animal welfare is Austria giving equality to nonhuman animal life value with humankind as per it’s Animal Welfare Act 2004. Austria has banned using Chimpanzee or Gorilla for experiments. New Zealand and Switzerland are also on higher level in animal welfare and protection in compare of other countries. Switzerland was awarded with A Grade by World Animal Protection in 2014. UK also received A Grade as it’s strict Animal Welfare Act and tougher penalties. Both cruelty and negligence of animals leads to you lifetime ban from pet ownership and max 51-weeks jail term.

Times Prime [CPA] IN

Chile, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden have received B Grade from World Animal Protection where as India has been awarded with C Grade. India has it’s Animal Welfare Board and The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals Act, 1960 came in force to prevent the infliction of unnecessary pain or suffering of animals and prevention of cruelty to animals. In this act Animals means any living creature other than human beings.

In context with this incident India needs to reform it’s Animal Welfare laws and implement them more strictly.

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