Basic makeup kit: the items needed to assemble your

Makeup is a woman’s true weakness, after all, who doesn’t love spending hours in front of the mirror putting on
makeup to have an incredible result? For women who have experience with makeup this is easy, but for those who
are new to the world of makeup, the biggest challenge is to know which products are needed to achieve good
makeup. Do you have questions about how to assemble a basic makeup kit? So, check out the following tips and learn how to assemble yours.

Before you start makeup, moisturize your skin.

Even when it comes to makeup, skin care cannot be lacking, even before you apply any product, it’s extremely important
that you apply facial moisturizer and sunscreen to keep your skin hydrated and enhance your makeup even more, but remember
to use a moisturizer suitable for your skin type.

Oily skin: it is ideal that it has a light texture, gel versions are the best for this type of skin because they are absorbed and dry quickly, the moisturizer assets cannot be greasy, look for those with hyaluronic acid and squalane.

Normal skin: moisturizers with gel or serum can be used by this type of skin, because it keeps it hydrated.

Dry skin: as it is a fragile skin, it needs creams with more concentrated textures, with nutritive components such as shea butter or natural oils that make the skin more elastic.

Mixed skin: this skin contains characteristics of oily skin and dry skin, the best moisturizers are those that do not have mineral oils in the formula, because they prevent dryness and do not increase oil production.

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What are the essential products in the makeup kit?

There are many makeup options and it is normal to be lost on what to choose, but for those just
starting out, it is ideal to have some products that can be used on different occasions, which are:

Makeup for face

  • Primer
    The primer, in addition to fixing and increasing the duration of the makeup, brings several benefits to the skin, such
    as controlling oiliness, softening enlarged pores, disguising wrinkles and expression lines, it also leaves the skin bright and uniform.
  • Base
    The foundation must be applied after the primer, it evens out the tone of the face, smoothes small imperfections.
    Foundation can be found in liquid texture (ideal for dry skin), creamy (ideal for normal or dry skin) or compact
    (for oily skin).
  • Concealer
    The concealer is ideal to hide deep dark circles, scars, spots and pimples, it has antioxidant properties and sun protection. There are versions of creamy, liquid, dry and colored concealers, each must be used correctly and depending on the type of skin.
  • Blush
    The blush is used to highlight the face with a little color on the cheeks, besides making it look healthier, but it should be applied with caution so as not to get too exaggerated, when choosing the color of the blush, you should choose one that best matches your skin tone, but there are some color recommendations for the day and night.
    Blush for the day: peach, salmon, light pink and medium pink
    Blush for the night: earth, light bronze, dark copper, earth brown.
  • Eyebrow pencil
    Well-made eyebrows have the power to enhance the makeup and look of any woman, and makeup can help correct eyebrows to look more beautiful, the eyebrow pencil has this function of filling in a natural and smooth way, for that, you should choose a similar colored pencil from your eyebrow and fill the lines in the way that is best for you, always respecting the original format.

For the eyes

  • Eyeshadow palette
    Regardless of your makeup experience, it is very important to have one or more eyeshadow palettes, because they can be used for all occasions and you can mix the colors to achieve an incredible eye result, the ideal is that you have a palette with neutral and basic colors for everyday life and other palettes with more vibrant colors and glitter to use at night.
  • Fastener shadows
    It is very bad to apply a shadow and hours later it is no longer there, so it is good to have a shadow fixer and apply before the shadow, in addition to fixing it, makes the color of the shadow much more vivid.
  • Eyelash mask
    Big eyelashes is almost every woman’s dream, but if you don’t have it, you can use eyelash masks to get big eyelashes and open your eyes, there are many variations available, you should use mascara for the desired effect, either lengthen or let it them more bulky.

    * Eyeliner: This is a bonus for eye makeup, making a good eyeliner takes time and practice, but if you want to learn, it is good to have an eyeliner to test the line, you can find eyeliner in a pen, gel or liquid version.

For mouth

  • Bullet Lipstick
    This type of lipstick is very easy to apply, usually has a large pigmentation and most of the times they are creamy.
  • Liquid lipstick
    Intense and uniform coverage, liquid lipstick is long lasting and almost always has a matte finish.


  • Base: the kabuki brush is ideal for applying the foundation with precision and to cover imperfections, it is dense, bristly and straight and it is possible to spread the foundation all over the face.
  • Concealer: the cat tongue brush has a rounded tip and a flattened appearance, suitable for applying concealer.
  • For blush/powder: the blush brush has rounded bristles to apply correctly on the cheeks.
  • To blur eyeshadow:with elongated and natural bristles, the eye blending brush spreads the shadow well across the eyelid and concave.

Make-up remover

Being in makeup is very good, but removing makeup is essential to maintain the health of the skin, it is important to completely remove all makeup with makeup remover before doing the complete cleaning. There is an appropriate make-up remover for each skin type.

Dry skin: choose a creamy texture makeup remover
Normal skin: this type of skin adapts better with creamy makeup removers, liquid or biphasic make-up removers (oil + water).
Mixed to oily skin: aqueous or gel cleansers, oil-free, with ingredients that control oiliness, such as zinc and salicylic acid, are ideal for these skins.
Sensitive: micellar water is the best option to replace makeup remover.

Now you know the products needed to assemble your makeup kit, and it is worth remembering that over time you will gain more experience and add more products to your kit.

Are you a beginner or already have experience with makeup? What item cannot be missing from your makeup?

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