BB, CC, DD and EE cream: what are the differences?

For those who have the habit of applying makeup frequently, you know that, in addition to applying makeup, it is
also necessary to have a series of skin care, and one of the cosmetics that unites care while making up
the skin is creams (BB ,CC, DD and EE), since they appeared in the beauty industry it has been a great
success among women and is still one of the essential items in the make-up bag, but with 4 options available
you still don’t know the difference between them? So, keep reading to find out what the differences are and
which one is best for your skin.

BB, CC, DD and EE cream for skin

BB Cream

Beauty balm or blemish balm is the true meaning of a BB cream. Original from Germany, it is a multifunctional beauty item and combines primer, sunscreen, moisturizer and foundation in a single product, that is, it does not require the use of other products. BB cream helps to eliminate fine lines, reduce pores, regenerates, protects, and prepares the skin before makeup, however, it has a lighter coverage compared to foundation that has more intense coverage. If you are looking for a milder product to use during the day, BB may be the ideal choice.

CC Cream

Complete Correction Cream is the true name of the beloved CC cream, just like BB it has the same
functions but its big difference from the previous product is in the color, it has color that helps to disguise
the lines of imperfections and keep the skin hydrated for longer, other advantages of it are that the texture
is much lighter and that it fixes better. This is a little better than BB and is great for anyone who needs a more
effective cosmetic to correct imperfections.

DD Cream

A more evolved and much more potent version of these creams is the DD cream (Daily Defense Cream) it is
not just a facial product, it is also for body use. In addition to DD cream protecting the skin and preventing premature aging, it also acts as a treatment for existing skin problems. For those who are used to doing artificial tanning on the skin, this cosmetic can be a real ally, as it gives color while moisturizing and protecting. The union of everything in BB and CC cream is in DD cream much more effectively.

EE Cream

If you expected EE cream to be the best cream ever, know you were wrong. Going on a completely opposite
path from other versions of these cosmetics already created, EE cream does not have the function of disguising imperfections and protecting the skin, its main function is to make a deep cleansing of impurities, after all EE cream means Extra Exfoliation. With mousse texture, natural ingredients, EE exfoliates the skin and leaves the face much cleaner and smoother, it is very effective to remove makeup residues and dead cells, the skin will be completely clean, without oiliness and the exfoliation will be done smoothly.

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BB, CC, DD and EE cream for skin how to use

BB, CC, DD, EE Cream: which is best for each skin?

Before buying any type of facial cosmetic, you should pay attention to your skin type, your age, what imperfections
it has (blemishes, acne, expression lines, etc). Each skin type has a different need, and in the case of creams
there are variations to meet different problems, BB cream is the lighter version and suitable for superficial imperfections, CC cream corrects the biggest imperfections with color, and DD is the most powerful version and can be used even by mature skin or by those who make aesthetic treatments, each of these cosmetics serves a different audience, consult your dermatologist for rest assured which is best for you. Well, and EE cream is recommended for all skin types, but as it is an exfoliant, it is ideal to respect the amount of times it can be used.

How and when to apply BB, CC, DD cream?

Once you know the differences between these creams, it is also important to know the correct way to use
them, no matter how many products you use in your skin routine, but it is essential to always follow the
right order. Regardless of whether it is BB, CC or DD cream, they are all used in the same way.

When to apply: it should always be applied before the makeup, some contain sunscreen, but it is recommended
to apply the sunscreen before and then the product.

How to use: apply an amount of cream on your hands or brush and apply on the skin and spread
it well, then start makeup.

Cream or foundation: which to choose?

Common doubt when choosing products, but before deciding, it is necessary to think about what the purpose will be. The difference between creams and foundations is in their duration and coverage. BB, CC and DD cream have a more natural effect and smoother coverage, in addition to covering, they also protect and moisturize the skin. The base coverage is much denser, it covers all imperfections and has a less natural effect, it is usually recommended for night events because of this effect. If you want a lighter makeup, opt for BB, CC or DD, if you want to do a more elaborate and heavier makeup, the foundation is recommended.

Cream has many benefits for the skin, which is why it is one of the most loved and used cosmetics
of recent times, with its many functions, it is a product that cares and still leaves more beautiful skin. If you’ve never used it, how about adding this product to your skin routine? And if you’ve only used one version so far, you can try the other cream variations to make a comparison and see which one works best on your skin.

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Do you use BB, CC or DD cream? What’s your favorite? Do you prefer creams or foundation?

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