Bella Hadid – American Supermodel AKA the most beautiful woman in the world

Bella Hadid an American born super model is coined as world’s most beautiful woman based on her face shape. The 23-year-old super model’s face was found 94.35% accurate according to the Golden Ratio equation. Golden ratio equation is for measuring physical perfection as per Greek idea. The study on the base of GR equation was conducted by Dr. Jullian De Silva world renowned facial plastic surgeon in London. Bella’s face shape, eyes, lips, chin came closest with 94.35% as per golden ratio Beauty Phi.

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Bella Hadid (Isabella Khair Hadid) an American Super model, born in Washington DC, to a real estate developer Mohammad Hadid and former model Yolanda Hadid. She started her career as model at the age of 16 in a Flynn Sky commercial project. She made her debut in New York Fashion Week in 2014 and got voted as “Model of the Year” by Industry professionals for in 2016.

The Golden Ratio, The Beauty equation by which renowned artists and architects used to map out their masterpieces during the European Renaissance. Thousands of year later, Scientist used this mathematical formula to explain how some people have beautiful face. The ideal face beauty proportions measure the distance from the top of the nose to the lips and centre of the lips to the chin, hairline to he upper eyelid and length of the upper eyebrow to the lower eyelid, ration of upper to lower lip.

Video explains about beauty face equation featuring Florance Colgate, voted as Britain’s “Most beautiful face” for 2012.

Dr. Jullian De Silva (MD, MBBS) is London, Harley Street based facial plastic surgeon and known for natural looking results. He specializes in eyes, nose, face, and neck areas only and does not perform body plastic surgery.

Bella won Break Out Star : women (Reader’s choice) award by Industry awards in 2015, Model of the Year by Second Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards in 2016, Model of the Year by GQ Men of the Year Awards, Model of the year by Industry awards in 2016.

She has also performed in some short films like “Bella Hadid’s guide to LA”, “Private”, and “Going Home with Bella Hadid”. She also appeared in music videos like “Jesse Jo Stark” in 2014, “The Weekend”, and “Belly ft. The Weekend” in 2015.

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