Best Celebrity Makeups at Oscars 2021

You’ve already seen the best looks of the 93rd edition of the Oscars here, but such an event requires a
complete composition from head to toe, it’s not enough just a beautiful and very glamorous dress, you also need
to have makeup and hairstyle that matches with the look for everything to be in perfect harmony. And when it
comes to makeup, celebrities rely on the help of amazing makeup artists that make them even more beautiful
and confident to rock the red carpet, this year there was everything in their makeup, from natural skin to red lipstick. Check out the best makeups used at Oscars 2021 below.

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried makeups Oscar 2021

The best dressed of the night also rocked the makeup choice, with satin skin, smokey reddish brown, lots of
eyelash mask on her eyes and a matte red lipstick on her lips, actress Amanda Seyfried was impeccable with a
make-up that perfectly matched the dress she wore at the ceremony.

Angela Bassett

Angela Bassett makeups Oscar 2021

The actress was one of the celebrities who stood out for her look and makeup, she didn’t want anything
basic and went with a powerful smoky royal blue look with large false eyelashes, however, she opted for a
more discreet blush and lipstick in plum color, it looked great, with a flashy eye and a discreet mouth

Reese Witherspoon

Makeups Oscar 2021

The balance between the red dress she wore was a classic and discreet makeup in earthy tones, on her eyes
she had a smoky brown and golden sparkles and on her lips a very delicate pink lipstick.


Makeups Oscar 2021

A powerful look needed a powerful look and that’s how H.E.R. appeared, with an outline with colors similar to
the clothes she wore, on her lips, the singer was wearing a plum purple lipstick.

Carey Mulligan

So discreet that she appeared to be without anything, Carey Mulligan was with a smoky pink in her eyes, peach lipstick and the glowing skin that matched her long golden dress.


If her look was flashy because of the neon yellow color, the makeup was basic and with almost no color, but a glow effect, her eyes were highlighted by false eyelashes and her eyebrows were filled in, and on her mouth she wore pink lipstick.

Maria Bakalova

The power of a red lipstick was present in Maria Bakalova make up, the eyes were more basic but beautiful with a smoky burgundy and eyelash mask, and it was the red lips that stood out on her skin.

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Viola Davis

Elegant even in makeup, Viola Davis went to the Oscars with a champagne-colored smoky eye, eyelash mask and pink lipstick. The makeup was basic, but it was in keeping with the hairstyle and dress she wore.

Regina King

The actress shone both in her look and makeup, in her eyes she was wearing blue and smoky lilac eyeshadow, false eyelashes and on her mouth she wore brownish pink lipstick. For such a bright and extravagant dress, satin skin makeup was the perfect choice.

Vanessa Kirby

Another celebrity who bet on red lipstick in makeup was Vanessa Kirby, her mouth was flashy, while she has nothing in her eyes, just voluminous eyelashes caused by the eyelash mask.

Andra Day

Owner of a natural beauty, Andra Day did not want to use too strong makeup, and ended up opting for light makeup with shades of bronze, red and finished with eyelash mask, a ravishing look. On her lips was lip pencil and brown lipstick.

Chloé Zhao

Best Art Direction award winner Chloé Zhao went to the Oscars completely basic and natural in both her look and makeup, the skin was light with a light pink blush on her cheeks and a matching lipstick. Going to an occasion as important as the Oscars with little or no makeup shows how much the industry’s beauty standards have changed over the years and have been less demanding, this is something amazing.

Whether with makeup of different colors or no makeup at all, each of the celebrities goes to the event with the beauty according to their face shape and haircut, is a set that together with good professionals, results in these amazing makeups and hairstyles and makes many people want to look like them.

The beauty and sophistication is something that always appears in the makeup of the Oscar ceremony, this year many celebrities followed a more discreet look and there were few who wanted something more daring, regardless, they were all beautiful, weren’t they?

Which celebrity do you think had the prettiest makeups? Do you prefer more basic makeups or stronger with red lipstick? What is your favorite?

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