Beware of these bizarre dating trends of 2019

India, Oct. 10 — In its purest form, dating is auditioning for mating! – Late American talk show host Joy Browne had exclaimed while talking about her dating experience in the 1990s. Her words are relevant even today and they explain precisely what dating is all about for a vast majority.

Dating, the once cherished act, has become a dreadful task now. The ‘swipe right to like’ culture has led to the birth of absurd practices and behaviours. (Unsplash)

Living in an era where one can easily strike a conversation with anyone, anytime and anywhere may seem to be a boon but it has some downsides as well. Dating, the once cherished act, has become a dreadful task now. The ‘swipe right to like‘ culture has led to the birth of absurd practices and behaviours.

With such preposterous practices becoming a norm, being aware of all the latest trends in dating becomes even more important to avoid any encounters with the dating perpetrators out there.

Here’s the low down on the dating trends of 2019 you ought to know.

HSAY- ‘How Single Are You?’

Some people are not single entirely. This may sound strange but it’s true. Sometimes, a person has a soft corner for a particular person in their heart. No matter who they date, their first preference will be always that person.

Red flags to look for:

When your date does certain things only for a friend or someone you don’t know, like sending regular ‘Good Morning‘ texts or promptly picking up all their calls and if they are not doing the same for you,then you need to ask them, ‘How Single Are You?

Sit back quietly and see what they have to say.


Keeping backups is a good habit but people have started practising it while dating as well.

When a person is dating someone actively and if they don’t find their date interesting enough but are not ready to end their relationship, they start to seek alternate dates. Cookie-jarring is said to be a tender version of cheating as there are no life long commitments and obviously, both the dates are unaware of each other’s existence in the person’s life. In case the first date leaves, they immediately switch to dating the other cookie-jarred date.

Red flags to look for:

Your date does not introduce you to their friends or family. They don’t acknowledge that they are dating you publicly. They never meet you in public places and refuse to recognise you if you meet them while they are with their friends.

The best way to avoid being a victim of cookie-jarring is asking ‘Are we exclusive?‘ We hope they say yes. 😀


Looks are deceptive. It was said ages ago and it still stands true.

Kittenfishing, a term coined by dating app Hinge is a milder version of Catfishing. It signifies the use of old or photoshopped photos to lure the prospective date. By unrealistically presenting themselves, the perpetrators think that they will be able to date better-looking people.

Red flags to look for:

Your date makes excuses every time you ask them to meet in person. They have very few photos on their profile. They don’t tag any of their friends in their post and they never receive your video calls.

It’s best to meet in person and date, for nothing beats one on one conversations.


Ghosts and zombies have helped filmmakers rake a lot of in moolah. It’s fun to look at them on the theatre screens too. But if you are into dating, you might have the chance to meet these in real life as well.

Ghosting is when someone cuts off all the communication with their date and seems to have vanished from the planet. Zombie-ing happens after ghosting. The same person who ghosted you tries to reconcile with you. 

Red flags to look for:

You ex starts liking your social media posts. They start sending you personal texts again. You receive a follow request from them on your profile.


Remember how in your school class on one bench, two or at times even more than two students were made to sit next to each other. There was always a friend who you would love to sit next to. And, in case they were absent, the seat was taken by another friend immediately. Well, the ‘bench’ serves the same purpose in dating as well.

In benching, people date more than one person, obviously without letting all the parties involved know. It is done to keep more viable options ready.

Red flags to look for:

Your date does not reply to your text immediately despite being online. You make plans with them but they ditch you most of the times. You don’t know your date’s friends or family and neither did they take the initiative of introducing you to them.

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