Different ways to wear animal print

The prints have guaranteed space in our wardrobe, whether the classic ones like the striped print or a more punctual one that doesn’t go out of style but usually appears during the cold seasons, which are animal prints, the invention of these patterns was one of the best fashion solutions to end (not yet completely) the use of animal skin, and leave the look with a more stylish touch. From jaguar to zebra, animal prints have invaded women’s wardrobes and are an essential piece that makes all the difference in the look, learn to follow different ways to wear these prints.


This is one of the most traditional animal prints that exist, they leave a powerful look and have a touch of sensuality, when wearing this print, you should think about what style you want to transpire.

How to wear it: the way you wear it depends a lot on the piece of clothing you are going to wear, is it an animal print dress? So, combine it with discreet shoes and accessories, if you wear a blouse or pants with this pattern, combine it with the other single-colored piece, it’s worth paying attention to the fabrics too, if the animal print piece is very fluid, wear with heavier fabrics like leather or jeans.


The snake print is a favorite of mature women because it adds sophistication and immediate elegance to the look. An interesting thing that stands out in this pattern is not only the print, but also the synthetic texture that is very similar to the animal, especially in shoes.

How to wear: a sophisticated print calls for a sophisticated look, if you want to wear something more formal, bet on shirts, or wear pants with blouses that have the colors of the print, another advantage is that this print has no color pattern, depending on whichever it is, it’s even easier when it’s time to combine it with other pieces.

cow print

This is a hit among young women and appeared a lot in street style during 2020, it has everything to become a timeless print, despite being a different print, it has traditional color patterns: black and white, which are very easy to wear and are not flashy.

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