Dry tips: how to care

Having beautiful, soft, and frizz-free hair is every woman’s dream, but as the ends are the oldest part of the strands, it’s normal for them to have a drier and look that takes away all the beauty of the hair, that’s why a series of products with specific products for each hair type is so necessary. We’ve already given tips here to take care of split ends of hair and now it’s time to talk about dry ends, learn below the best way to take care of them correctly.

What are dry ends?

Caused by several factors, dry ends usually have a dry and even faded appearance (even for those who do not paint or do chemistry) this often happens because hydration is not able to reach this region of the hair and therefore the appearance is different from the length. This is common among thousands of women, but especially among women with curly hair and mixed hair, with more oily hair roots, it is normal for the ends to be dry.

Causes of dry ends

Dry ends of hair can arise for many different reasons, mostly from external causes. But for each cause of the appearance of these ends, there is a different solution and it is not always necessary to cut to recover the ends of the hair. See below.

Very long hair length

Having big hair is hard work, especially when taking care, with application of products in the scalp region, it is normal for the ends region to be forgotten and consequently dry ends to appear.

Solution: cut the ends every three months, it is difficult to let go of the hair length, but the cut is necessary for the strands to grow stronger and to eliminate dry ends. You don’t need to cut a lot, just removing the edges or making an embroidered cut will make a big difference.

Lack of hair oil

Oily hair has a high concentration of oil in the root, but this natural nutrient does not reach the ends, which makes them drier.

Solution: apply a lot of oil on the ends of the hair, but this cannot be for an hour or two, it is recommended that you moisten the hair (oil bath) to replenish the strand’s moisture, moisturize, give shine and softness to the dry ends.

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