Exercise and Healthy Lifestyle for Elderly, Pregnant Women and Women in Postpartum Phase – Keep Moving for Better Quality of Life

Introduction on All Three Phases

The Elderlies

Let’s begin with the senior citizens; there are various physical activities which can keep them fit and healthy; it will empower them to improve the quality of their lives by incorporating simple workouts.  These workouts they can perform at the comfort of their home but need to be careful about their current status on the medical condition. 

Pursuing a healthy lifestyle will make them more independent physically and will give them the freedom to enjoy their retirement, help them go for weekend trips with their children and grandchildren.  These get-together are the best towards leading a disease-free life, which would further add years to their age.

Pregnancy – The Divine Phase of Life

Secondly, I would like to discuss women who are in the pregnancy stage.  There are exercises to improve lifestyle throughout their pregnancy phase.  There are some movement-based exercises which would ease the delivery process so that even after the delivery, they can lead a healthy lifestyle.

Pursuing a healthy lifestyle will make them more independent physically and will give them the freedom to enjoy their retirement, help them go for weekend trips with their children and grandchildren.  These get-together are the best towards leading a disease-free life, which would further add years to their age.

Post Pregnancy – The Blissful Phase

Lastly, I would discuss the postpartum phase; in this phase, they go through a lot of hormonal changes, leading to mood swings, irritability, weak muscles, and joints. 

To curb these, I have discussed various kinds of exercises with their variations as you read on, which can help the women enjoy a pain-free life post-delivery and spend quality time with their new-born.

The workouts mentioned later in this article will make their day to day activities effortless.  There are a few things which they need to do come what may like, for example, carrying the baby, bending movements, or sitting for long hours to feed the baby.


Senior Citizens – The Serene Stage of Life

More than the younger lot, older adults need to exercise the most to be physically independent and enjoy life to the fullest.

Older adults live their entire life for their children, wife, grandchildren, friends, and this goes on and on.  When the actual time comes to look after them, most of the younger generation make excuses and refuse to take care of them.  At this point for some even going to the bathroom becomes a struggle. Hence, they need to be physically active so that they can be independent.

At this stage, for them, there is no scarcity of money as most of them are well settled and have enough monetary benefits to take care of themselves.  But it becomes tough for them to rely on their children to carry out their day to day activities it can be as simple as getting groceries from the market, or carrying their luggage, climbing stairs.

Exercise is Elixir

So, if they do exercises like assisted bodyweight squats, supported push-ups, light to moderate strength training, then their functional activities like walking, carrying bags, or climbing stairs can become effortless.

Following a healthy diet comprising of a well-balanced meal is a great idea. This type of meal planning would also help the elderly to keep weight under control, which in turn put less stress on ligaments and tendons and make them stronger.  By adopting this regime, they can live their life with zest and enthusiasm. They can be a part of every small event happening in the family. They can take part in various celebrations of their near and dear ones.

Weight training is very beneficial at this stage, as this is the best form of exercise to maintain muscles. An increase in muscle fibers will also keep them away from a condition called sarcopenia. 

These forms of training would also enable them to play any sport they like. It is evident that most of them would be new to exercises and are not sure how to perform them. The best way out for them would be to hire a certified fitness coach and get the necessary guidance.

Avoidable Ailments

At this stage, they will have enough time to invest in themselves. Keeping a check on dietary habits is also beneficial, which otherwise can lead to age-related medical disorders like diabetes, thyroid malfunction, kidney diseases, and osteoporosis, especially with women.

Let’s talk about osteoporosis; a medical condition which is common at this age.  Osteoporosis gets aggravated for women once they hit menopause. Men are also prone to suffer from osteoporosis because of their current lifestyle.  Mild to moderate strength training exercises are helpful to maintain bone density, though it is difficult to reverse; at least it is possible to prevent them to a certain extent.

Pregnancy Comes with a Blessing


Next would be a discussion about pregnant women.  In our Indian culture, it’s considered to be a divine phase of life.  This stage of life makes them proud of themselves and gives them that special feeling while safeguarding the new-born in the womb.  But this also exhausts them physically and mentally since they undergo a lot of hormonal changes. 

Sometimes their bodies go through a lot of stress, feelings of anxiety; they gain weight, which puts extra pressure physically on the lower back and abdominal area.  The core muscles become weak, and the best remedy is exercise.

Engaging themselves at least three days a week with some strengthening exercises is the best alternative. It can be anything like bodyweight exercises, mild strength training workouts by keeping the rep range low to moderate, brisk walking, and performing some of the core muscle exercises esp. the pelvic floor muscles.  But as a word of caution, these should be done under the guidance of a certified fitness coach. Smooth delivery is possible with such regular activities. Well-monitored nutrition is a critical factor since they would be prone to weight gain.

One crucial factor to keep in mind is that women should not go with the mindset that they have to eat for two because this approach will only make them gain an excess amount of weight and can stress the digestive system with too much food.  Cravings for food would be at an all-time, which is natural and can become challenging to eat less but exercising self-control is helpful. Following a diet with the right balance of macro and micronutrients is the key, along with fiber which would keep them satiated and will prevent overeating.  Women should aim for 3 – 4 liters of water which would keep them hydrated. Organs like kidney and liver feel healthy.


Post Pregnancy = More Responsibility

Finally is the postpartum stage or post-pregnancy period.  This time most of the new moms are eager to lose weight rapidly and wish to achieve their previous weight, shape, and size.  So, they need to be cautious and see to it that they don’t start exercising with a vengeance instead allow them to adjust and take it easy.

They need proper guidance with regards to workouts and their food habits, as one wrong move can injure them for life.  Hiring a qualified fitness coach who would help them with exercises which are safe yet effective is a great idea. Women who undergo C-section usually take more time an additional 4-6 weeks to get back to workouts, so they shouldn’t be in haste instead should enjoy motherhood and take care of the baby with utmost care.

Women who had been active with exercises before they got pregnant will have better chances of getting back in shape as compared to the non-exercisers.  Because their neuromuscular coordination will be more efficient, and they would respond and adapt to the exercises quickly with the least effort. Workouts done at this stage can also improve the activities of daily living, as most of the workouts are functional, for example – squats, lunges, push presses, and deadlifts.

Along with the above-discussed exercises, a low carbohydrate, high protein, moderate fat diet can do wonders for women in this stage. This dietary pattern would make them fitter, gain lean muscle along with better optimization in bone density.  Improvement in muscle mass, thicker tendons, ligaments, and healthy joint are some of the extra benefits.


Exercises and right nutrition are the critical factors for the populace mentioned above.  A more natural approach like this is the way to go. The aim is to keep fit and healthy to get better in day to day activities.  These workouts if done regularly, can improve the quality of life to a higher level. It will allow them to carry out physical activities with ease.  They can enjoy their lives to the fullest by being disease-free.

Let us know what you feel about embracing a healthy lifestyle if you had been in any of these phases, as discussed above.  Do write back and let us know your views.

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