Fashion trends in 2021 and how to wear

We have already entered 2021 and this year has everything to be different from last year, at least in the fashion segment, if in 2020 comfortable looks prevailed, 2021 brings back stylish trends for you to wear a lot. Do you want to find out which fashion trends will appear in the coming months? Check it out below.


The comfort that we get so used to during a pandemic look will not leave the scene that fast, the proof of that is the oversized length that will be on the rise during that year, the clothing that has a longer length, it’s fluid fabric and makes the look much lighter, is a piece that usually stands out a lot and does not need much creativity when using it.

Oversized - fashion trend in 2021
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How to wear: oversized is present in shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets, it is a very wide piece, then, combine it with other tighter clothes like biker shorts. If you don’t have oversized clothes at home, the tip is to take an outfit from your father, boyfriend, brother (some size bigger than yours) and wear it, because the effect will be the same.

Puff Sleeves – the trend continue in 2021

After the success of the puff sleeve blouses in 2020, they remained in 2021, and this time with slight variations, they can be puffed even on the sleeves, the extremely romantic and delicate puff sleeve detail will be present in the dresses and overalls as well.

Puff Sleeves - fashion trend in 2021
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How to wear: since it is already a bulky garment, the ideal thing is that you wear it with a second, tighter garment, like skinny pants, the cool thing about this outfit is that you can mix styles and not always follow the delicate style.

Set of clothes

The set of pants and blouse or blouse and shorts will be on the rise in 2021, it’s that kind of practical outfit that you don’t need to think about many combinations, ideal for days that don’t give you much time to think about the look of the day.

Set of clothes - fashion trend in 2021
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How to wear: you can use the complete set and finish with shoes and accessories that complement and match the look, or if you prefer you can use the separate pieces, as long as there is a balance with the other clothes used. In fact, these sets usually appear in a tailoring version, that is, it is a great option for you to wear in the work look.

Neckline on the back

A good neckline has the power to make women much more feminine and sensual, and this year the trend neckline will enhance a beautiful region of the female body: the back, blouses appear more and more open in this place.

Neckline on the back - fashion trend in 2021
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How to wear: the neckline on the back is very versatile, goes well in both the sophisticated look and the stripped, to wear, the bottom piece (shorts, pants, skirts) needs to be discreet and without details that take the highlight off the neckline.

Square neckline

Square neckline - fashion trend in 2021
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How to wear: from the casual look to the sophisticated, the square neckline can be quite a detail in the looks, if you want a more romantic style, combine it with other delicate pieces, if you prefer something sophisticated, you can invest in a look with only neutral colored pieces.

Second skin blouse

We will also have a sensuality in the right measure in this year’s looks, the second skin tulle blouse is a strong trend, she has everything to make the basic looks much more feminine and stylish.

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How to wear: contrary to what many people believe, you can use tulle in the look of the day, as long as it is used correctly, wear with an appropriate top or bra or make overlays as this blouse model allows, for the evening look, you can use it more stripped down and combine it with leather or glitter pieces.

Clochard pants – back to the 2021 looks

In 2020 we used a lot of slouchy pants and sweatpants, but this will be the year of the clochard pants (which has a tie at the waist and has a slightly tighter hem), this model of pants has already been successful for a few years ago and now returns with strength.

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How to wear: it goes with almost everything, but try to use it with a tight blouse around the waist, but they can have puff sleeves top.

Checkered – the printed of 2021

Timeless and fashionista, the square plaid (of different colors) will be the print of the year, and has already appeared frequently in street style.

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How to wear: the print is striking and stands out by itself, when using it, avoid combining with other prints, and use with pieces of neutral colors.

Breezy dress

The wide and flowing dress is the face of the hot seasons and the ideal outfit for those looking for refreshing, light and stylish looks.

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How to dress: the dress can be used with sneakers, sandals, boots, in short, the possibilities are great. Here you can check out a post full of tips on how to wear the dress of the moment.

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Midi skirt

The midi skirt has been part of our daily lives for a long time, it is a classic piece that goes well from the work look to the street look, in 2021 she appears more frequently in street looks in a stripped-down manner.

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How to wear: from silk shirt to t-shirt, the midi skirt goes well with different types of blouse, when wearing, you should think and put together a look that is in accordance with your style.

Pink – the color of 2021

The colors of the clothes in 2021 will be much more colorful, the pink will be one of the main ones, the color is cheerful and loving in the right measure.

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How to wear: you can use this shade of pink in monochromatic looks or combine it with lighter shades, the result will be light and without exaggeration.

How many stylish clothes, isn’t it? It is worth remembering that it is not just because an outfit is a trend that you need to wear. Use what you feel good and that is part of your style.

Which fashion trend for 2021 is your favorite? Which one do you want to use or are you already using?

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