Fashion tricks to enhance the body

Have you ever worn an outfit and felt it didn’t favor your body? Because no matter how comfortable an outfit may be, it’s normal to sometimes let some fat show, reduce or lengthen the legs, each outfit causes a different visual effect and this also depends a lot on your body biotype, but for each of these problems, there is a perfect fashion trick and below we give you some tips to wear some clothes and favor each region of your body.

To stretch the legs

If you are a small woman and have short legs but want to make them look bigger, there are a few tricks for that. The first trick is to wear a mini length outfit (mini skirt, shorts or dresses) almost all of your legs are visible and it will look like you have long legs and are tall, another trick you can use is choosing the right shoes, pumps or shoes nude colors give the impression that the legs are long, this is because the scarpin has a thin toe that makes it look longer and nude resembles skin tone.

Mark the waist

There are women who have a well-defined waist, others less so, if this happens to you, a good trick to highlight and mark this region is to use a medium belt. The accessory is stylish and goes with blouses, dresses and overalls, but to really seem to mark this region, the belt should preferably be a contrasting color to the color of the outfit.

To look more curvy

Each body is unique and you should always think about it before choosing a look and think about what you want to value, women who are thinner in the hip region, usually want this region to appear more curvy, for this, the right trick is to dress an outfit that creates volume in this region. Pleated skirts or pants, shorts that have sparkles are great for adding volume.

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