Five Business for Post-COVID economy

The ongoing COVID 19 pandemics are unprecedented in their magnitude and impact on humans. It has altered the social and economic ecosystem to such an extent that conventional business and livelihood opportunities are either doomed or may take a very long time to resurrect.

The unemployment figures throughout the world have peaked and broken records. There is a vast bank of skilled and competent workforce looking out for means of livelihood.

Containment, restriction on traveling, almost zero social contact, the rising threat of infection and death, the need for a sterilized and clean environment, and such newer forms of living open up the possibility for more contemporary forms of business and livelihood.

In such a situation, it would do good to discuss some business and livelihood opportunities that might do well presently and post COVID19.


The work-from-home culture has seen a sharp drop in office occupancy. The huge furnished offices of most of the business are empty and idle for almost a year now. The considerable overhead cost hits the profit margin, which has already seen an enormous dip because of the pandemic. To continue with the big offices is not possible for them anymore.

Also, to manage the cost and lower the overhead expenses, many businesses are contemplating continuing the work from home option for most of their staff even post COVID19. Only a few essential and operational staff would report to the office. Certainly, in that case, there is no need for a bigger office space.

With a little investment, one can open up Managed Office space and rent it out to such businesses for use.

The concept of Managed Office Space that provides small workspace to businesses with all essential furniture and equipment and necessary staff at an attractive rental per month will prove to be very lucrative and welcoming.

The operator of the MOS will have to rent out an ample space and create small functional offices and essential staff of receptionist, office boys, a small pantry/cafeteria, conference/meeting halls in it. The business tenants will find this comparatively cost-effective with no burden of maintenance.


If you are looking out for a livelihood opportunity that does not need investments, Dropshipping is a great option.

As a Drop shipper, you associate yourself with a big retailer, brands, or distributors and sell their products to your contacts.

You neither have to maintain any inventory nor invest in security deposits with the principals. They provide you with a very interesting and detailed e-catalog of every product, with its variations. The drop shipper shares the pictures and details of the products with his/her contacts on WhatsApp or any other chat messenger and gets orders. The delivery of the goods and all post-delivery activities are handled by the principals and the drop shipper gets a neat commission on every order booked.

So, if you are socially well connected, like to chat, and can convince people to buy, Dropshipping can be an excellent freelance business for you.


With most restaurants and eateries either closed or not visited by customers since the COVID19 scare, food for bachelors, students and all those who do not cook at home is an issue.

If your culinary skills are right and you can manage cooking at home with help, opening up the cloud kitchen is a great idea. Customers prefer getting their food from a private cloud kitchen rather than from commercial restaurants and caterers. Cloud kitchen is hygienic, economical, and being cooked at home, the scare of COVID19 is minimal. With proper testing done, you can always get certified as COVID FREE CLOUD KITCHEN.

Cook healthy, nutritious food with good menu options. The home delivery to the customers can be managed by aligning with Zomato, Swiggy or such other home delivery service providers. If the food is tasty, nutritious and reasonably priced, in a short time, you can build up a good clientele.


Ideally no one wants to leave their house these days unless it is essential. This trend will continue for a long time now, going right into the post-COVID time. But almost daily, households either needs to get something from the neighbourhood market or drop some package at family and friends.

It is a new norm for people to call up their grocers or dairy or vegetable vendors to order supplies. But delivery is an issue. Customer hesitates to step out, and the supplier does not have the infrastructure to manage delivery to all its customer.

This gap is where the services of hyperlocal delivery can help. As a hyper-local delivery service provider, you can offer to pick and drop parcels in the local area for a charge.

Even PreCOVID, such services were available in big cities, but now the potential extends to all cities of the country. You can pick laundry, groceries, medicines, personal parcel, documents, dairy and host of household items and deliver it in less than 30 mins.


Right now, and even after the pandemic recedes, the demand for deep cleaning and sanitizing services will be very high.

With proper equipment and training, you can build up a small team of cleaners and sanitizer, who can offer services to offices, shops, malls, houses, housing societies, hospitals.

Cleaning and sanitizing business can be started with a moderate one-time investment to build regular clients. There is an immediate demand for this service, and it will keep rising with time.

However, utmost care is recommended to provide the best service with no compromise on the quality of material and services offered.

Patience and persistence will work

We are negotiating through a challenging time, and new ideas and business will take some time to establish. But with confidence, conviction and right marketing strategies, one can gradually build a profitable business even in this challenging time. The underlying strategy should be to identify the needs of the customer and make all effort to deliver value-added service to the customer. It is crucial to building a good customer base initially, then profits will follow eventually.

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