From the look of home to the street: clothes to wear after the pandemic

Social isolation has completely changed our routines and many things have had to be adapted in the last few months,
going out was out of the question, so the way was to invent new things to do at home, the work was also done remotely and even our style was affected by these changes, formal and uncomfortable clothes left the scene and made room for comfortable and casual clothes. Excluding any possible trend, the question that a lot of people have been asking is what to wear after the pandemic, will we go back to our old looks or will comfort still be present in the everyday look?

That is the question, but one thing that can be done right now is to adapt the look used at
home to the street look, and do you want to know how this is possible? See the tips below.


Clothes for use in home and street, pajamas
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Our official quarantine fashion outfit also deserves a place (more than deserved) in street style, wearing pajamas on the street
is not a current trend, but before it was not well accepted, now things have changed and it is already
completely part of our daily lives.

Clothes pajamas for home look

In the home look: pajamas are used with cotton fabric, in soft colors.

Clothes pajamas in street look

In the street look: to take pajamas to the urban scene, the ideal is that it is satin and with
some print, can be worn with high heels for a more elegant look.

Sweatshirt set

Clothes sweartshirt set looks

The time when the sweatshirt was seen as a synonym for sloppiness is over, this is one of the hottest
outfits today and quarantine contributed a lot to that, it has the right comfort and style to be used indoors
and out.

Clothes sweatshirt set look in home

In the home look: the sweatshirt usually appears in a much more stripped down and simple way, being used many
times with the complete set,a basic t-shirt or separate pieces.

Clothes sweartshirt in street look

In the street look: the comfort of the sweatshirt set remains in the street style, but it is used in
a more fashionista way, you can combine it with more sophisticated clothes like trench coat and midi skirt and complement
with boots or sneakers for a more casual style.


Quarantine was the excuse that many women needed to stop wearing the bra, during that time he was completely overlooked, the other hand, the use of tops has increased, of course it doesn’t have the same support as a bra, but it can be used as a common part of our look, in addition to ensuring comfort, it is perfect for use on hot days, and after this pandemic he will be even more present in our looks, both to be used day and night.

In the home look: the top is worn with pants, shorts, skirts, etc.

In the street look: you can use only the top or complement it with a piece like a kimono, shirt
or jacket and thus creating an overlap, it matches almost everything, but not to over do the look, pay attention
to the color on the top, if it is printed, avoid wearing other colored clothes.


Jeans will always have a guaranteed space in our wardrobe, but this moment of loose pants like the pantaloons, who had the pleasure of wearing baggy pants during quarantine, will not want to wear another style of pants anytime soon, and best of all, it can be easily adapted to our work and leisure look, it all depends on the chosen fabric of the pants.

In the home look: generally the pantaloons are light and cotton, very similar to pajama pants.

In the street look: to hit the look with the pantaloons, you must think about where you will use it, for work, wide pants, neutral color and heavy fabric (like crepe) is the best option, now, if you’re going for a walk, jeans and viscose rayon pantaloons are ideas and a lot more fun.


Only those who wear closed shoes all day, know the wonderful feeling of being home an barefoot, and during quarantine we can really enjoy this feeling of free feet,and the closest we got to putting on shoes was a slipper, and as basic as footwear is, it will continue in our fashion outfit after the pandemic and can be used on different occasions.

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In the home look: the traditional slipper models were the most used indoors and for frequenting nearby places.

In the street look: to wear the slipper on the street,choose more elegant options like slide and birkenstock, so you can combine it with different types of clothes and use it to go to the supermarket or for a walk.

Minimalist clothes

Exaggeration is something that is not part of our reality now, during the pandemic, we saw that comfort was prioritized and excess clothing was not necessary,and this causality when dressing will continue in our looks after the pandemic. If before we were wearing a shirt and pants, this will be further reduced for looks with a single piece such as dress or overalls, the advantage of minimalism is that it comfortable and very stylish.

In the home look: light t-shirts, pants (and even jeans) is the right combination.

In the street look: practical clothes, easy to wear and basic, it is perfect, because the versatility allows them to be used in different environments.

See how easy it is to reinvent what you already have and give your clothes new uses? The same piece of clothing can be used in so many different ways, but you should always consider the environment in which you are going to use it and your own style, right?

Do you feel that the pandemic has impacted your way of dressing? Which outfit have you used the most in the last few months?And what clothes do you really want to wear after this pandemic is over? And which one would you not use at all?

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