From the office to happy hour: clothes to wear at work and out of it

Choosing a look to wear throughout the day can be quite a chore, even more for people who have hectic routines, the chosen look should combine style and comfort at the same time. but how to adapt the work look for a happy hour or another event? Well, in this situation, the formal look leaves the scene and a new look appears, learn how to use work clothes in different ways.

How to choose the ideal look for the job?

When working at home, there is nothing better than wearing a good and comfortable sweatshirt, but for those who continue to attend the work environment normally, you can’t make a mistake in the look, and it should convey an air of professionalism and elegance, following the dress code of the environment.

Nowadays some jobs are not as rigorous in dress, but there are some options to dress appropriately in the professional environment, prefer neutral colored clothes, tailoring pieces with wide modeling and classic cutouts, but not only that, there are still some key parts that can be used at work and outside.


Shirts for work and street look
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Long sleeve shirts with more sophisticated fabrics like silk is a clothing commonly used in the formal look of work, but you can easily use it outside of that environment.

Shirts for work look
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In the look of work: the shirt is almost an indispensable outfit at work, it makes it look more classic, it is usually used with closed buttons or with a small neckline and combined with tailoring pants and a skirt.

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In the street look: the same piece can look much more stripped down and this is possible because of some style tricks, open a few buttons, wear a lacy bra under the garment or if you prefer a knot and this will make the shirt look much more current and cool, wearing some necklaces is also a good suggestion if you want something more flashy.

Pencil skirt

Pencil skirt for work and street look
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Shirt and pencil skirt is completely the face of a business woman look, the skirt is a timeless, sensual piece, completely feminine, versatile and that can pass through many styles.

Pencil skirt para work look
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In the work look: the skirt model at work is much more closed and discreet, most of the time it is used with a dress shirt with 3/4 sleeves and neutral colored shoes.

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In the street look: the pencil skirt appears a little more daring with slits and leather fabric, and to complement this sensuality the blouse that ends the combination can be cropped or t-shirt for a more stripped look.

Tailoring pants

Tailoring pants for work and street look
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Basic dress pants are a thing of the past, currently there are many variations of tailoring pants with subtle details (like a different waistband, hem with some differential) and ideal for use at work and other occasions.

Tailoring pants for work look
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In the work look: the pants are combined with shirts (both long sleeve and short sleeve) and blazer.

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In the street look: tailoring pants can be used with casual clothes that break the formality of the garment, like the combination of T-shirt and tailoring, in the best Hi-lo style possible, to make the look more informal, try to use different colors and accessories a little bigger and that complement the look.


Dress for work and street look
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The dress is also another classic outfit that is part of the workwear, it is the ideal option for those looking for practicality but without losing style.

Dress for work look
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In the work look: usually the dress appears in the work look in a much more formal way, accompanied by a blazer and shoe that maintains seriousness, but be careful when wearing a dress at work, you need to pay attention to the length, prefer midi dresses that have no necklines, more closed models are ideal, combine it with discreet accessories.

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In the street look: the blazer comes off and a much more feminine and sensual look appears, the dress worn at work is more formal, but when worn with a casual shoe, the style changes completely, to adapt your look for happy hour, put on a more striking accessory.


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The blazer is essential in the work look especially on cold days, it has the ability to change the look and make the woman more elegant and formal, but for an impeccable composition,choose a blazer that has a good cut, fit and fine fabrics.

Blazer for work look
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In the work look: can be combined with dresses, tailoring pants (like a suit set), it’s ideal that the pieces chosen are the same colors so as not to create too much contrast and clash with the environment, the blazer is a more discreet outfit, avoid using it with extravagant accessories, delicate earrings and necklaces that best complement the look.

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In the street look: in recent years the blazer left the office for the street look, and it’s very easy to adapt the formal garment for casual looks, with jeans, shorts, sweatshirts, the blazer goes well with just about everything and creates a unique style, perfect for everyday use, as well as being a very stylish piece, the trick of style when using it is to fold the sleeves to be more stripped.


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Like the blazer, the vest is another tailoring outfit that is successful at work, it can be medium or long and combined with simpler clothes, because it will be the real highlight of the outfit, can be used in the summer or in the winter, which will complement even your most basic productions.

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In the work look: you can wear it with long-sleeved blouses and also tailoring pants, as long as the other pieces are tighter, considering that the vest is usually a little wider, for the look of the work, wear discreet vests, with neutral colors and without stones or other flashy details.

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In the street look: the piece is versatile and can be combined with shorts, jeans and dresses, so as not to make mistakes, it is ideal to wear a vest in a color that matches the rest of the look and has a slightly longer length.

Did you see how clothes that are already part of our daily lives can be adapted to different environments? The ideal is always to think about the occasion and whether it will be appropriate or not for a given situation, at work bet on seriousness without exaggerating, already at happy hour it is possible to give a new face to the piece of clothing you are wearing.

What clothes do you have the habit of wearing at work and out of it? Which combination is your favorite?

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