Hair bangs that match each face shape

I bet that at least some stage of your life, you’ve wanted to cut a bangs in your hair, the cut that until a while ago was considered tacky, nowadays is a true trend in the world of beauty. But like any haircut, there are some models that are ideal for each face shape, and below we show which bangs match each face. Check it out below.

Straight bangs

Straight bangs

The classic straight fringe is one that covers the entire forehead, is fuller and usually gives a youthful air to
almost all women. The traditional fringe is very suitable for people who have an oval face and also for those
with a large forehead, as it disguises this part of the face.

Diagonal bangs

Diagonal bangs

The slanted bangs is that long diagonal that reaches a little more to the side of the face, it is
recommended for all types of faces, but mainly for people who have of a round or square face.

Super short bangs

Super short bangs

As opposed to the traditional fringe, this type of fringe still generates a bit of weirdness and is much more
common among people who have an alternative style. Cut at mid-forehead height or higher, this fringe shape is
ideal for people with an oval face, it reduces the forehead and makes the face smaller and rounder.

Messy bangs

For those who like a more relaxed hair and really messy effect, the messy fringe is the right choice. With a peaked cut and little volume, this fringe is great for people with an oval and triangular face.

Curtain bangs

Brigitte Bardot’s eternal bangs is known as such because the French actress has always worn it. It has this name because it really resembles a curtain, a little bangs to the left, a little to the right and the middle of the forehead is visible, this stylish are ideal for all kinds of face shapes. Also, this fringe is the trend of the moment, if you want to invest in cutting, you can start with this fringe that is not very radical and does not need to be trimmed often.

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How to care for hair bangs?

To have a fringe of hair, it is necessary to dedicate a few minutes of the day to take care of it, depending on the texture of your hair, it is necessary to pay even more attention to the fringe, as this part is highlighted. Here are some basic care tips.

  • Trim your bangs often: if you plan to keep for a long time, you’ll need to trim them all the time.
    The bangs grow fast and to get the right fit, you need to cut the tips whenever they are larger than the proper size.
  • If you are going to use a hair dryer or flat iron, always use leave-in: if you intend to straighten your bangs, always leave-in before, the heat caused by the dryer and flat iron can damage your hair and leave with a dry appearance. It is necessary to take care even before applying anything.
  • Moisturize the bangs: the entire hair needs hydration that must be done frequently, but the fringe needs a more special hydration because it is the region that is normally highlighted in the hair.
  • Avoid letting the bangs come into contact with other cosmetics on the skin: apply all your skin products first and after the skin is completely dry (which takes about 10 minutes), then let go of your bangs.
  • Use dry shampoo for bangs not to get oily: skin with excess oil tends to cause the appearance of acnes and blackheads, and if your hair is oily in contact with your skin, this will happen consequently. That’s why the dry shampoo is the true ally of those who have bangs, whenever it is oily, spray a little shampoo.

How do I know if my face matches bangs?

Thousands of women fear having bangs because of the final result, for those who have never had it, it’s common
to be scared, after all, hair takes a while to grow and even if you don’t like it, you’ll have
to wait for the cold ones to grow again. A nice alternative tip for you to try on a bangs is
to buy a hair tic tac that comes with a bangs, if you like the result, this is the opportunity to cut the real strands.

How to cut hair straight bangs at home?

Cutting your own hair has become a very common habit in recent months, and for those who want to risk
cutting their own bangs at home, it’s possible, but you need to be more careful so the result doesn’t get crooked.
See the step by step below.

Image: Starving

1– With dry hair, stand in front of the mirror, tilt your head down and divide the hair in half.
After splitting the hair, count three or four fingers from the forehead and mark a split point, from that point
create a straight line to the tip of the left and right eyebrows and so you have a triangle.

2– After splitting, stand with your head straight in front of the mirror, hold your hair, twist it a few
times, and cut it horizontally and slowly along the line below your eyes.

3- After cutting, with the scissors vertically, make some adjustments at the end of the bangs and you are ready.

Easy, right? If you feel better, you can make a video call with your hairdresser and he will guide you in
the correct way to cut the bangs, but if you don’t have the courage to do the bangs yourself, the
best solution is to go to the hairdresser, so he can do it the traditional or any other variation you prefer.

Whether it’s a round, oval, square or triangular face, there is an ideal fringe for each one, these tips above
are suggestions, but you can find another fringe that best suits your face shape.

Have you ever had bangs in your hair? What type do you like best?

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