Hair with highlights: the best colors

Changing hair is a completely normal thing for women, after all, they get tired of the look often and are
always looking for something new, be it a cut or a hair color. However, for women who have never dyed
their hair, there is still a great fear of radicalizing and completely changing the color, and it is understandable, after
all, it is not possible to know how the result will be, but a good alternative to change the look subtly and having the hair “with a new color” is through highlights, they make the hair much more beautiful and do not affect the natural tone. Check out below and see the best hair highlights colors.

What are hair with highlights?

The highlights are a technique made to lighten the hair, it can be done all over the hair or in thin strands, it is suitable for all types of hair, but it cannot be done in some hair tones. Before performing this procedure, it is always recommended to consult a reputable hairdresser because he will give you the best advice on the right highlights for your hair.

The best hair highlights colors

Want to reinvent yourself without radically changing your look? So, the lightening hair technique is right for you,
with so many options available, we’ve brought you some of the best color options you can use on your hair. See below.

Ombre hair

Ombre hair highlights

This is one of the oldest colors that exists and yet it is very popular, it is recommended mainly for those with a straight cut, so the colors are well divided, in them the highlights are made only at the ends of the hair in a mixture of caramel blonde and black , the tips are illuminated.

Golden blonde

Golden blonde highlights

Ideal for all types of skin tones, the golden blonde streaks are ideal for those who want to lighten their
hair without coloring it completely, they are made in thin streaks and distributed in a very subtle way, so
that the natural color still appears, this look combines too much like summer and sunnier days.


Honey highlights

The lighted brunette look is already a huge success in beauty salons, this is the technique for those who want
to lighten their hair without having to lighten too much to achieve a natural effect. To conquer these highlights,
several coloring techniques can be used, but whatever it is, the effect on the hair is that the highlights were
burned by the sun and not that they were dyed, cool, right? A big advantage of having locks in this color is that you don’t need to be maintained very often.

Strawberry blonde

Stawberry blonde highlights

These very light copper streaks are very close to blonde in tone and are ideal for those with red hair
and want to change the look in a subtle way, in these streaks the color normally changes according to the natural light.

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Scattered lights

These lights are not symmetrical and leave a natural look, in it the scattered light is concentrated in the upper
strand and the internal strands are darker, this technique must be done with a good professional, because it is not
very simple to perform and if any error occurs can compromise the result.

Curly hair lights

Curly hair combines with many different tones of locks, but the golden ones are the ones that most lighten the hair, accentuate the cut and the face. Regardless of the color of locks chosen, always do these techniques in a professional who has experience in curly hair.

Hair contouring

This technique is made with the function of highlighting the strengths of the face, choosing the color of each strand, thickness and location according to the shape of each woman’s face, normally the lighter strands are those around the face, that’s why this technique has that name. In addition to these highlighted front strands, other strands are strategically dyed to have a beautiful result.

How to care for hair with highlights?

Highlighted hair is beautiful for those who want a less extreme look, but they require a lot more care than natural colored hair. Check out some special tips for taking care of this type of hair and making the colors last longer.

  • Use proper shampoo and conditioner: it is essential that you use only quality products and that are specific for hair with highlights, they have the effect of prolonging the color without damaging the strands while making a deep cleaning.
  • Cut your hair every 4 months: all hair needs cuts, especially those with highlights, because the dye used can make it more fragile and consequently the ends are more brittle, every 4 months, go to your hairdresser to cut the ends of your hair.
  • Moisturize your hair weekly: hydration is essential to keep the hair more beautiful and healthy, after all, it replenishes the nutrients and water that are lost with the bleaching process. If you have highlighted hair, moisturize your hair regularly with suitable products.
  • Use thermal protector: those who are used to using flat iron and hair dryer should always apply thermal protector on the wires to protect them from the heat impacts that are emitted by these devices, people who have hair with highlights must be more careful, because the hair it is more fragile and using thermal protector is mandatory.

Showing hair with beautiful, well-lit streaks is everyone’s dream, isn’t it? But for that, it’s important that you know which shade suits you best and you need to take all the necessary care to keep the color alive for much longer.

Do you have highlights in your hair? Which color? Do you take care of them correctly? Tell us in the comments.

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