Happy Navratri 2019: Tips and tricks to make sure you look perfect through the nine nights of Navratri

India, Oct. 02 — The festive season is upon us, and currently Indians all around the world are celebrating Navratri is the celebration of good over evil, and according to legend it celebrate the victory of Goddess Durga in her battle against the demon, Mahishasura. This year the nine-day festival started on September 29, and will go on till October 7.

This Navratri, as you embody Ram Leela’s Deepika Padukone, and dress to the nines, what about your makeup? Which will definitely not hold in this heat. (Youtube)

The festival is celebrated in unique ways in different parts of India, devotees flock to temples, offer prayers, observe fasts, there are also functions for dandiya and garba.

And when Navratri comes, all the girls put their fashionable foot forward. Navratri is the best time to showcase your fashion sense and dancing prowess. And as you embody Ram Leela’s Deepika Padukone, and dress to the nines, what about your makeup? Which will definitely not hold in this heat. And after all that sweat from dancing? Don’t even think about it.

So here are some quick fixes for you to incorporate in your makeup routine to make sure to reach home looking as good as you left it this Navratri:

Blotting and priming

Always tone and blot your face before you apply any makeup, this will make sure there isn’t any excess of oil, and give you a clear base for your makeup.

Stick to powder or cream based products, liquid based products will accelerate the demise of your makeup.


Instead of packing on concealer and foundation on your face, spot conceal. Focus on your problem areas, like your under eyes, sun spots, darkness around the mouth. Too much foundation will not only make you look cakey, but also melt once you begin to dance the night away, especially if the event is outdoors and not in an air-conditioned hall. In fact it is best to stay away from contouring too. So save yourself the misery, in fact stick to a lighter BB cream, so that your skin can breathe.


After you are done concealing, add just a bit of highlighter so that you glow. Excessive highlighter will make you look like a disco ball, and it is best to keep away from contouring.

The wet method

Always use a wet sponge, or wet brushes when applying pigments, this will not only ensure that it is applied on your face easily, but also make sure that your makeup doesn’t fade away with the night.

Setting Powder/Setting Spray

After you are all done with all the hard work of making your face, use a simple setting spray and make sure you cover your entire face and neck. Setting spray is magic, and will make you look perfect through all the dancing. Maybe just a few touch ups, but that’s a good bargain, given that otherwise, you’d be barefaced by the end of the night.


Colourful shades of eyeshadow and lipsticks are all the rage this season, and what better time than Navratri to incorporate these in your looks?

You could even do your makeup in the auspicious colour of the day. Brighten up your eye will pink, purple, orange and green shades, which are really on trend.

Stick to bright colours for your lips too. But there should only be one hero, so don’t go for heavy eyes, and then a deep lip colour too, you may just end up looking like a clown.

Source from HT media

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