How to buy clothes in online store? 10 tips for buying safely

Buying clothes in a physical store is great because you can try on the clothes and know if it looks
good on you or not, but being able to buy from online stores also has its advantages, after all, it
is very good to be able to choose more calmly and receive everything directly at your home, it is not
for nothing that online clothing sales have grown by 97% in recent years, it is very practical.

But you still have questions about how to shop online reliable? Than, check out the following tips.

How to buy clothes in online store

1- Research about the clothes you are going to buy

Do you already know exactly what you are going to buy or are you just looking at the site for
something you like? Regardless of the answer, research the clothes very well before buying, check the photos, read
the description carefully, especially the information such as composition, specifications and size of the piece.

If you don’t have a lot of experience or are making your first purchase online, it’s recommended that you buy
more basic clothes with less details first,they tend to be more faithful to the image on the site, but
keep in mind that the colors of the clothes may be different from the sites.

2- Pay attention to the numbering

It is extremely important that you pay attention to the numbering of the clothes to buy in their exact size, especially when shopping for international stores, it is necessary to take into account that the measures may vary according to the biotypes of each country, before buying clothes online, always have a tape measure in hand and measure the circumference of the shoulder, bust, waist, hip and height, stores always provide a measurement chart on the website to be consulted and to be sure of its size, but if there are still doubts, it is worth researching a little more, or in another case, buy a larger number than yours for make the necessary adjustments.

3- Compare prices

Clothing that you find in one store can often be available in other stores and with some price variations, so before you buy, search in different stores, make a price comparison and choose the one that is most advantageous for you. keep an eye on the delivery fee which may vary according to the store, calculate the value of the clothes + the delivery fee and choose the one that is best for you.

4- Buy at a trusted store

With so many online stores available in the same segment, it’s even a little difficult to choose the best one to shop, but before you even buy something it’s very important that you research the store’s reputation, check opinions of people who have already bought at the store, check the delivery time, payment method, quality of the clothes and if she is trustworthy or not.

On many sites it is possible to check how the store is rated by other users, so do a good search first, and follow these tips to have a good shopping experience:

  • Always shop at stores that have the security lock
  • Read the store’s exchange policies in case of exchange or other problems
  • If prices are well below the common value, be wary of store security.

5- Use discount coupon

Everyone likes to save a little when shopping, don’t they? Well, and one way you can save on online shopping is by using a discount coupon when paying for purchases, discounts are not always high, but it already reduces the purchase price a little.

Stores usually release a discount coupon for customers (especially on the first purchase) or you can get it through social networks, including, pay attention to the social networks and stores’ newsletter, because they often offer discounts and draw lots for consumers.

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6- Follow the store’s sales page

Want to shop at a much lower price? So, take advantage of the site sales, which can happen several times a week,or always follow the settlement tab that have on almost all sites, because it is the chance that you will acquire a last collection clothing that is much cheaper.

7- Enjoy free shipping

When buying clothes, you should consider other expenses that you may have with this, the delivery fee usually tends to weigh a little depending on the country where your purchase will be delivered, that’s why many stores offer free shipping when you spend a certain amount, so check the delivery rate of each store and if applicable, make a purchase to guarantee free shipping.

How to buy clothes online?

8- If you are buying clothes for a specific occasion, buy in advance

Do you know when you go to an important event and find beautiful clothes in an online store but don’t buy them because you know you won’t be on time?

This tip is especially for those moments, depending on the country, delivery can take from 25 to 30 days, so it is important to buy in advance, always check the delivery time of the stores.

9- Enjoy the live chat

If at any time you are making purchases, any doubts arise in relation to clothing, you can talk directly with an attendant through live chat, it is usually available 24 hours and they are always ready to answer you and answer your questions.

10- When your clothes arrive, try

As soon as your purchases arrive at your home, try them out, see if they came in the correct size and colors, if something is wrong, contact the store to proceed with the exchange.

If your purchases are all correct, it is the time to take advantage and use them in your looks, of course it is always good to take a photo wearing the clothes and share on social networks, so that other people can know how your experience was shopping in the store.

Buying online has its good and bad side, make the most of it, research and buy calmly. Do you like buying clothes in physical stores or online? What is your favorite store? What was the last purchase you made?

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