How to care for split ends of hair?

Have you ever touched your hair and felt soft along the length but when you got to the ends you came across an unpleasant texture and destroyed ends? Well, unfortunately the ends are the oldest region of the wires and suffer several damages (caused by both the sun and chemicals), so it’s normal for it to be a little drier and different from the root. But when it comes to split ends, hair care should be even greater, because in addition to compromising softness, it also compromises the appearance of the strands, check below what they are, causes and how to take care correctly.

What are split ends?

What are split ends

The hair strands are surrounded by a film (capillary cuticle) that protects from external aggression and the split ends
are fragmentations of the hair strands, when the cuticle is not cared for and does not have the necessary nutrition,
the ends break forming split ends, they are exactly at the end of the hair divided into two or more
ends and the shape is thinner than the rest of the hair, they disturb the appearance of the hair aesthetically,
they are more fragile and prone to breaking, they can be considered as damaged hair.

Cause of split ends

Split ends can arise mainly because of external factors and lack of nutrition and hydration, there are some habits
that cause them to appear in the hair, but if taken care of in the right way they can improve, the most common causes are:

Use of hairdryer and flat iron

Use of hairdryer and flat iron cause of split ends

Washing hair with hot water or using heat tools such as a hair dryer, flat iron and babyliss without a
thermal protector will gradually damage the hair.

Solution: avoid using the dryer for a few days and let your hair dry naturally, use a microfiber towel or
cotton shirt to dry your hair without damaging it and always use the thermal protector before using a hairdryer or
flat iron, the heat from these tools damage the hair.

Chemical procedures

Coloring, bleaching and straightening use chemistry and attack the hair fiber when it is done in excess, and may even
cause hair breakage.
Solution: do reconstruction treatments because it returns the fibers and nutrients to the hair, avoid dyeing or straightening the
hair for a while, do these procedures again when your hair is recovered.

Lack of hydration

When the hair is dry, frizzy and opaque, it is that the split ends appear, this means that there is
a lack of moisture inside the hair, that is, it is without hydration.
Solution: the moisturizing cream has the effect of returning moisture to the hair, so it is recommended right after using
the shampoo, make hydration treatments at home or in the salon with the ideal cream for your hair type, the
hydration must be done every 15 days, depending on the level of the ends of your hair.

Other causes of split ends: exposure to the sun, combing incorrectly and not using a finisher.

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How to care for split ends?

Once you know the causes of split ends, you can change some habits that improve the appearance of the hair, but there are still some specific precautions that you must take to eliminate this unpleasant effect of the ends.

Cut the hair

Cut the hair split ends

Unfortunately this is the biggest recommendation to end the split ends once and for all, but it is not always that easy to detach the strands, but believe me it will be better for your hair that will eliminate the damaged part to improve the appearance of it. If you are willing to shorten the length to end the split ends, then make the traditional cut.

Embroidered cut: do you want to eliminate split ends without reducing hair length? So, you can use an embroidered cut, usually this cut is done in a beauty salon with a device called split ender, it appears removes all split ends of the hair and even eliminates frizz, you can try to do it at home, but you should take one lock at a time from your hair, twist it completely, all the strands that protrude, you can cut, but be careful not to cut too much.

Use hair finishers

This is an essential product for those who suffer with split ends, since they finish the hair, sealing the cuticles of the ends and preventing the appearance, including, it has a very similar action with the thermal protector.

Use products that have sun protection

Exposure to heat is one of the causes of split ends, to soften the impacts they cause on hair, use products that have a sun protection factor, can be cream, leave-in or finishers, it is important that they have this action against heat, use these products frequently and whenever you go to hot places, wear a hat.

Combing the right way

It is a simple thing but if done the wrong way, it can favor the appearance of split ends, start combing your hair from the bottom up until the knots disappear completely, if you run the comb from the root to the ends, the strands break and the cuticles open.

Hydration and nutrition should be done frequently.

Hydration and nutrition are two steps of hair reconstruction and they must be done frequently to recover the beauty of the hair and end the split ends, set up a capillary schedule and follow correctly with the hair care that in a short time they will be getting longer strong and healthy.

Oils for split ends

Oils are excellent for moisturizing hair and keeping hair more nourished, they can be a supplement to hydration and nutrition and it is possible to use together with moisturizing masks or finishers, some of the best oils for split ends:

Grape seed oil: rich in omegas and vitamin E, combats hair loss, repairs the ends and protects hair from the sun’s rays.
Avocado oil: contains vitamin C, bactericidal, antiseptic properties and moisturizes the hair.
Jojoba oil: stimulates hair growth, is moisturizing and antioxidant.
Macadamia oil: contains zinc, iron, copper, ideal for use with hair masks, it is moisturizing.

Other oils indicated for split ends: rosemary oil, tea tree oil, argan, coconut and pink orange.

Having beautiful hair from root to tip may require some care, right? If you have split ends, this may be the time to change your hair habits and take better care of those ends.

Do you have split ends? Do you take care of them properly? What is your hair care routine?

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