How to choose the ideal dress to wear at a wedding?

Receiving an invitation to go to a wedding is very good, right? After all, everyone likes to celebrate the love
between two people who love each other, but moments after receiving the invitation that huge question arises:
what clothes to wear at a wedding? We know it may seem like a difficult task, but it is not
and in this post we help you choose the perfect dress to wear at a wedding. Check it out below.

Dress color

All the clothes we wear have a meaning that depends on the color, in the dresses used at weddings these
colors are even more in evidence, mainly because it is a unique piece, when choosing the color of your dress,
you should think about the time and environment that the event will take place. See what each color represents.

White and pink dress to wear at wedding
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White: color used by the bride, transmits peace, innocence, tranquility, purity and joy, if you are not the bride,
avoid wearing a white dress to avoid embarrassment.

Pink: it is a feminine color, conveys romance, sensuality, affection, fragility and leaves the look very delicate.

Blue and white dress to wear at wedding
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Blue: it is a color that represents calm, fidelity, loyalty, the darker blue tone conveys purity, seriousness and confidence.

Yellow: yellow is one of the most cheerful and bright colors that exists, it makes the environment much more lively,
it is an ideal color to be used in weddings during the day.

Pink and green dress to wear at wedding
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Red: the color of love, moreover, red is warm, powerful and very sensual.

Green: color of hope, youth, growth and fertility.

Orange and lilac dress to wear at wedding
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Orange: conveys joy, happiness, vitality and prosperity.

Lilac: it is a delicate color that is associated with spirituality and romance, as it is very soft, it can
be used in weddings during the day.

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Silver: contemporary, has a lot of charm, is an authentic and elegant color.

Golden: sophisticated and luxurious, this shade is ideal for use at night, indoors.

It is important to note that the colors of dresses can vary according to the tradition of each culture country,
pay attention to this before choosing the color of the dress.

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Dress length

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Just like the color of the dress, the length of the dress should also be well chosen, short, midi or
long, there is a length that is best for certain wedding parties.

Short: this dress length is a little more informal compared to the others, it is ideal for weddings during the
day, but pay attention if you are going to wear a dress of this size, it is recommended that it
be of loose fabric with the part of the skirt more flowing and height just above the knee, very short
and tight dresses should be avoided in weddings.

Midi: the midi length is the one that is on the shin, below the knee, it is a little more
formal and transmits seriousness, it can be used in weddings day and night.

Long: this will always be the best option to dress for a wedding, as it is very elegant and makes any woman much more sophisticated, long dresses in light colors and with delicate details are perfect for wedding during the day, while the dress in dark tones and with sparkles and embroidery is more suitable for evening.

Models of dresses most used in weddings

After choosing the color and length of your dress, you should choose the model, and well, the varieties are great, you should choose one that favors your body type and should try it until you find one that looks best on you, some of most used models are:

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Neckline shoulder to shoulder: this type of neckline is elegant and always modern, it stretches and enhances the silhouette, in addition to leaving the neck region exposed, giving a touch of sensuality to the look.

Unique front: this model increases the bust and highlights the lap, it has a femininity, if it has any differential (such as lace, embroidery) the dress will be even more beautiful.

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Wide straps: dresses that have wide straps give support to the breasts, it is a great option if you have big breasts.

Thin straps: if you have small breasts, the dress with thin straps suits you more, because it makes the look balanced.

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Strapless: this is one of the dress models most used mainly by brides, but if you are invited you can also wear it, as long as it is a more basic model.

3/4 sleeve: for weddings that take place in the afternoon or when the weather is a little cold, you can wear a dress with sleeves, it makes the look very charming, especially if the sleeves are lace.

Other dress models to use at weddings: high collar, princess neckline, heart neckline, square neckline, asymmetrical neckline, etc.

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Dress to wear in daytime wedding

Wedding during the day already has a greater lightness, a warmer climate, that is why the chosen dress must have a cooler, comfortable fabric and the colors can be lighter and softer, of course this may depend a little on the environment.

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Beach or countryside wedding: a place that has contact with nature needs a light and refreshing look, the most suitable dresses for this occasion are models of straps or discreet necklines, that are of fine fabrics (like chiffon) and short or midi length, in relation to the colors, you can use light and cheerful colors, candy colors or bet on floral prints.

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Closed environment: if the wedding takes place during the day in a closed environment, the dress should be a little more sophisticated, bet on models that have details, more full-bodied fabric and the colors can be a little darker.

Evening dress to wear at wedding

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The look of the wedding at night is very different from the day as it has a greater touch of luxury, heavier fabrics, long length is more suitable for weddings during the night, at this time it is allowed to dare more in the visual, so the dress can have stones, sparkles and dark colors.

Creating a look to wear at a wedding is not as difficult as it seems, of course many things must be taken into account such as the time, environment and much more, but after seeing your look ready it will all be worth it.

What dress would you wear at a wedding? Which color and model is your favorite?

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