How to choose the right clothes for any occasion?

No matter how many clothes a woman has in her wardrobe, she will always consider it insufficient, especially when an unexpected invitation comes up, at that moment it seems that the clothes disappear and questions emerge like: what to wear? Will this look match the place? Female dilemmas, this post is just to answer some of your doubts about that to wear according to the occasion.

First, some factors must be considered before choosing the look, such as temperature, time, people who will be in the place and especially the comfort of the pieces, wearing uncomfortable clothes sometimes makes it impossible to enjoy the occasion.


There are places that pass through the four seasons on the same day, if possible, before leaving, see the weather forecast, it will be even easier to make the choice, the time you will be staying there is also important, overlays should be used and always carry a cardigan in your bag.

Event time

Knowing the time at which the event will take place makes it easier to select and
eliminate what does not match the time, like glitter and transparency, they are
usually associated with the night, not that it cannot be used during the day, but it
suits better with the night.
For daytime events, give priority to lighter and more basic clothes.
For evening events, invest in heavier fabrics, darker colors and slightly bolder
modeling, depending on the place.

People who frequent the place

Have you noticed around you that in that same place people dress in a practically
stereotyped manner? At work requires a more formal look, at parties gala dresses
are used, in the movie theater, people dress in a basic way. Try to think about what
fits and what does not fit in the event you are going to, think about what people wear
in this place and get inspired by them to start creating your look.


The comfort of the some clothes should be your priority, especially if it is in a place
that you have never visited before, but you may forget that idea that only sweatpants
are comfortable clothes, on the contrary, nowadays, there are many trends thought
precisely in comfort and practicality of those who will wear them, also think about
their byotipe, clothes that are too tight or too wide may not favor your body type.

What to wear


Clothes overlays for any occasion

Do you know that day when it’s the coldest during the day and in the afternoon it heats up and the night cools down again? Here are the overlaps, in which you can combine a lighter shirt with a second shirt and a jacket , looks with pantyhose or dress with a shirt, the diversity is huge, you can use your creativity. The idea of the
overlap is that throughout the day you can remove whatever you think is necessary and your look can be adapted overnight.

  • Example: from work to happy hour or from college to work.

Casual clothes

Casual clothes looks for any occasion

Never been in a place and you have no idea what to wear? Casual clothes are the best options and the changes of making a mistake are slim. T-shirts, jeans and jackets are key pieces, they fit into the casual and are very versatile, you can wear them for a trip to the cinema to a bar with friends, the ideal is that clothes match
each other, and that even basic is possible to keep the style.

Looks Hi-lo

Clothes Hi-Lo looks for any occasion

The hi-lo style aims to mix more luxurious clothes with funky ones or even tailoring pieces with more casual ones, this combination can be interesting for the look not to be too formal or too informal; If your job doesn’t require a completely social outfit, you can wear it without fear. In recent years, tailoring pants, blazers and shirts have left the office scene a little for street looks.

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What you should avoid wearing regardless of the occasion

Excess of accessories: it is not necessarily clothing but it has the power togive that extra boost to the look, however, it must be used in a subtle way. Bet on necklaces, rings, earrings more discreet or that match your look, but not using all accessories at the same time.

  • Trends together: avoid looks with a lot of information, as it can end up overloaded. When using a trend, let it be the focus and invest in the rest in more discreet clothes.
  • Ignore the dress code of occasion: never but never do that, if the event already has a defined dress code, do not ignore it thinking that when you get there one will be dressed in such a way, because it is not true. Making mistakes in your clothes makes you feel out of the place in the environment and you can’t enjoy it.
  • Very extravagant clothes: there are different occasions when they ask for certain styles of clothing, but most of the time they are beautiful clothes and not very flashy. Wearing extravagant clothing on an inappropriate occasion is a common mistake and causes discomfort to the wearer and other people
    present, so pay attention to the venue, and if it doesn’t match, don’t wear low-cut and extravagant clothes.

There are cases and cases, several occasions should be considered in isolation before choosing clothes, the important thing in the end is that you feel good about what you are wearing, of course, considering all factors. It is important that in addition to thinking about the right occasion, your body and get to know it, that you
know what suits your style and don’t use it just because it suits the occasion.

Even with these tips are you still in doubt about what to wear according to the occasion? It is very normal to have several doubts, but once you are aware of your personal style and use these tips, it becomes even easier to put together a look for any occasion.Try to create different compositions with clothes you already have at
home and use your creativity.

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