How to combine necklaces according to neckline of clothes?

There are days when all a woman wants is to be well produced with a very stylish look, while others
when she only wants to wear a white T-shirt and jeans, and it’s on days like this that a necklace
or any other accessory makes all the difference in the look, after all, it is no wonder that these have
been the favorite adornments of women for so many years. But have you ever worn a necklace with a certain
neckline and felt that it didn’t look very good? Yes, even when wearing necklaces it requires a correct way and
then you learn how to combine each necklace according to the neckline.


V-neckline ideal necklaces
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The V-neckline is one of the most used and that most value the woman’s lap and gives support to the
breasts, both for those with small and large breasts, this neckline is dug and refers to the letter V.

Ideal necklace: necklaces that follow the same V shape as the neckline are the best options, so there is a
harmony between the necklace and the neckline, you can use delicate necklaces with pendant or long/maxi.


U-neckline ideal necklaces
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This neckline shape is very similar to the V, but it is a little more rounded.

Ideal necklace: necklaces that follow the shape of the neckline and have more bulky pendants are ideal to highlight this
neckline, which is considered a little simpler, you can choose geometric pendants that are great to use with a U-neckline.

Strapless neckline

Strapless neckline ideal necklaces
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This is one of the most used necklines during the summer, because it leaves the neck area quite exposed, it
is a feminine, delicate and sensual neckline.

Ideal necklace: this type of neckline combines with chokers (thick and thin), necklaces that have pendants and necklaces in
layers, and it’s ideal that the necklace doesn’t get too close to the blouse, it should be a little smaller.

Square neckline

Square neckline ideal necklaces
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The square neckline is much more structured, discreet and has a romantic look, gives a good support to the breasts,
and you find it in several pieces of clothing.

Ideal necklace: choose necklaces that value the center of the neck, short necklaces with hoops, pendant chains and
angular necklaces are great for composing an elegant and romantic look, to give a different look, use necklaces with
multiple layers or chokers that also combine too much with the square neckline.

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Neckline shoulder to shoulder

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This neckline is very similar to the strapless one, with a much more classic detail, since it has sleeves, but
the exposed region is the same, it is important that you choose a necklace that does not come into contact
or touch the blouse, so that one does not detract from the other.

Ideal necklace: necklaces closer to the neck as a choker, or necklace with a slightly heavier pendant, of the top piece is printed, choose necklaces that have more delicate and smaller pendants, if it is a single-colored outfit, wear a necklace that is slightly larger and a different pendant.


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Ideal for summer and winter, the turtleneck is versatile and even if it is close to the region, it can be used with a necklace to make the simple look more sophisticated, necklaces in this type of neckline work well and give a highlight to the look .

Ideal necklace: more elongated necklace (below the breasts) that has a lengthening effect on the silhouette and reduces the breast,or necklaces closer to the collar of the blouse, if you have a pendant it will be even better, because it will brighten the look.

Neckline canoe

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The canoe neckline is a little more stripped, traditional, it is shallow and goes from one shoulder to the other, similar to the shape of a canoe, ideal for relaxed looks.

Ideal necklace: long necklaces are great for this kind of neckline because it creates the lengthening effect, if you are wearing a single-colored blouse, use the long necklace with pendant, otherwise, use a plain necklace with no information.

Shirt collar

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It is not a specific type of neckline, but the collar of the shirts are very versatile and you can insert a necklace to enhance the look, especially in the work look.

Ideal necklace: the necklace you will wear depends on the way you wear the shirt, if the buttons are closed, you can put a necklace over the collar, these necklaces can be a little heavier with pendants, if you wear the shirt with a few open buttons, use larger necklaces and delicate pendants.

Necklines that don’t match necklaces

Necklaces have the effect of decorating and leaving looks with much more personality, although there are few types of necklines that do not match necklines, because the neckline rubs against the top piece, the necklines that don’t match necklaces:

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Asymmetrical neckline: the asymmetrical neckline has uneven sizes, leaves one region more exposed and the other covered, is a sophisticated neckline and that leaves the silhouette balanced, but wearing it with necklaces does not match because the neck is not completely exposed, that is, the necklace will appear on one side and will not have much prominence on the other. Wearing accessories is not completely prohibited for this type of neckline, an alternative that you can use, is a larger earring and that have a greater detail (such as stones or sparkles) in the part that the shoulder is exposed.

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Draped: it’s not necessarily a neckline, but it’s a detail that definitely cannot be used with necklaces, clothes that have a drape in the upper region are already considered a great detail, so it doesn’t need necklaces so the look isn’t too loaded, instead of wearing a necklace, you can wear it with a small or larger earring that catches the eye.

When choosing a necklace you should always take into account the shape of your blouse, overalls or dress, so as not to make a mistake in choosing the necklace, try more than one option to see which one matches according to the neckline and remember to use other accessories that match each other.

Which neckline is your favorite? Which necklace do you like to wear the most?

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