How to dress for a first date?

In modern times, all people who have flirted online have been through this situation at least once: they liked someone
interesting, matched it and when they received an invitation for a date that huge question arose: what clothes to wear?
Well, they say that the first impression is the one that remains, so you have to make a good look.
If you’re unsure of what to wear on your first date, check out the following tips.

Dress according to your style

The essential tip is that you dress according to your style and the clothes you are already used to wearing
normally, dress for yourself and not for the other. Wear clothing that is out of your personal style, it will
make you feel uncomfortable and will not be able to fully enjoy the meeting.

Wear clothes that are in keeping with the environment of the first date

Even with your personal style it is important that you pay attention to three factors before putting together your look:
environment where you are going, time and temperature of the day, so it is easier to eliminate certain clothes and
wear others that are better suited to the time and occasion. For the first date, it is ideal that you wear comfortable clothes and make the look aesthetically beautiful. Here are some clothing options you can wear.

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Casual clothes

Casual clothes for date how to wear
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Regardless of the occasion, casual clothing will almost always be the best option, we are already very used to the combination of blouse and pants, so when we wear it we have greater security, it will never be too exaggerated or too tidy, for a date that it’s a good look suggestion.

But it’s ideal that you don’t wear it so simply, wear a slightly more sophisticated shirt/t-shirt with tighter, darker pants, to finish this combination in style, add some accessories, and if you want something more comfortable go for sneakers , if you are looking for a more elegant look, wear heels.

Puffed Sleeve Clothes

Puffed sleve for date how to wear
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The most striking feature of clothes with puff sleeves is romanticism, this detail of the clothes makes everything much more delicate and with a sophisticated style, wearing something romantic on a first date can also be interesting if this is something that is already part of your style.

Puff sleeves is a strong trend of 2021 and it appears this year in blouses, overalls and dress, you just have to choose the piece that best suits you and wear it, another detail worth paying attention to is the color of your clothes, light colored clothes tend to make the look softer and is ideal to wear during the day, dark clothes are better to wear at night and indoors like a restaurant, cinema or party.


Dress for date how to wear
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Dresses are striking and very feminine pieces, this is a clothing that makes a good impression on a first date, you can wear both the short and the long dress, but for this first date, avoid dresses that have exaggerated necklines and slits. Invest in models of more basic dresses and light colors during the day, for the night, wear dresses a little more stylish and dark colors, to complete the look, add some delicate accessories.

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Practical, comfortable and stylish, the jumpsuit leaves the style much more urban and is ideal for a date in the afternoon for places like cinema, shopping and restaurant.The jumpsuit is that joker piece and very easy to combine, if the weather is a little colder, you can add a jacket or coat over it to make the look even more stylish.

Wear red clothes – the color of love

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Red is already known for being the color of love, sensuality and is the first color that our eye captures, if you want to impact and wear something flashy, you can bet on clothes that color, you can use only a single piece or a completely red monochrome look, if your intention is to be more discreet, avoid wearing clothes of that tone.

Delicate looks to wear on date during the day

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The way we dress during the day is completely different from the evening outfit, during the day delicate clothes, light fabrics and details like lace, ruffles are perfect options, now when it comes to colors, light tones and floral prints are prevalent. To create your first date look, a key tip is not to mix too many elements and overload the production, balance is essential.

Sexy looks to wear on dates at night

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If during the day it is the delicate elements that are successful, at night the opposite happens, they are the most striking details and with a sensual touch that women tend to use more. Transparency, leather, tight clothes and bolder necklines are preferred by women, but of course this should be used with caution, avoid wearing necklines, slits, transparency in a single look, and in return you can wear a tight and sensual dress in certain extent.

Tips for getting your first date look right

  • If you are not used to wearing high heels, do not use on the first date.
  • Avoid exaggerated necklines and very short clothes.
  • Avoid formal clothes, after all, you are going for a moment of relaxation and not for work
  • Wear good underwear.
  • Try possible looks a few days before the first date.
  • Do a hairstyle, make-up and use accessories that match the rest of the look.
  • Comfortable clothes and basic looks are the best option, if you are still in doubt of what to wear.

First date always has that nervousness, right? But believe me, wearing a look that suits your style and is comfortable will make you much more confident and the chances of making the boy fall in love with you are even greater. Enjoy your date a lot.

What do you wear when you go on a date for the first time? What do you think is essential when putting together the look??

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