How to dress for a job interview?

Going to a job interview is always a mixture of nervousness and anxiety, after all, the goal is to get a job and of course make a good impression even during the interview. The way you dress is an excellent form of non-verbal communication, so choosing the right outfit can make you stand out in the room while being more confident, wearing the right clothes in the right place tends to bring a feeling of confidence to anyone. If you have an interview scheduled and are unsure what to wear, check out the tips below.

How to choose the ideal outfit to wear in a job interview?

1Research the company: before going to the interview, research the location, see if it is a more formal or
informal environment. From this it is possible to have a better idea of what to wear, remember to go
dressed according to the company’s segment, so that your look does not clash with the environment.

2Separate all the clothes that you think are suitable: after researching the company, take a look at your
wardrobe and sort out all the clothes that you think are best to wear in the interview.

3Choose your look: with the clothes separated, it’s easier to have a clear idea of what matches or not, try
to make combinations and try it days before to see if they match or if they need some adjustment.

Best clothes to wear to a job interview

After these three quick and essential tips, it’s time to think about the best clothes to wear in an interview,
of course you don’t necessarily need to wear them, it’s just to get an idea of what best suits this type of occasion.

Formal clothes

If the environment where the interview will take place is formal, you should wear the most formal look
possible, fortunately, there are a huge variety of pieces that follow this style and that you can wear, some options below.

Formal clothes to wear to a job interview

Shirt: classic, timeless and sophisticated, the shirt is the basic but very elegant option to be used in interviews
during hot days, you can wear it in neutral tones or with light prints and still be dressed according to the situation.

Tailoring pants: wearing tailoring pieces in an interview is no mistake, they are discreet and extremely comfortable,
do not mark too much and leave you chic without much effort. If the place is more formal, combine it
with a shirt, if it’s in a more informal environment, bet on more casual blouses that have some kind of detail.

Blazer an jumpsuit to wear a job interview

Blazer: a fundamental piece to make the look formal and much more structured, the blazer is essential in the
look of those who want to convey seriousness. In the job interview, this piece can be combined with others from tailoring and it is ideal for it to be in dark colors.

Pantaloons jumpsuit: wearing a single piece during the interview is recommended only when it has the classic modeling and cut as the pantaloon jumpsuit, it has tailoring characteristics that make the person wearing it more elegant. Remember that the jumpsuit should be basic, with no fancy necklines or slits, right? If you want to complement this look, add a blazer in the same color as the jumpsuit.

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Casual clothes

When the interview takes place in an informal setting, you can wear garments that are lightly modeled and have
casual fabrics, as long as they are discreet. Opt for clothes that are dark in color and don’t have extravagant details. See some options.

Casual clothes to wear at a job interview

Structured blouse: even if the interview takes place in an informal place, avoid wearing shirts (they are too basic),
on the other hand you can wear a blouse that is more structured like puff sleeves or muscle tees. The blouse you will wear must be closed, without neckline and preferably in a single neutral color (black, white, gray are the best options).

Dark pants: you can wear the type of pants you prefer, even jeans, but it is essential that they be dark in color, they tend to make the look more serious and are indicated even in an informal environment, you can wear it with the structured blouse for a casual look or combine it with a shirt for a formal+casual location.

Third piece: wearing a kimono, jacket or coat makes any kind of look more chic, even casual ones. Add a third piece to enhance your look and to stay stylish, it is ideal that your entire look follow the same color line to be harmonious.

Midi dress: this dress length is usually considered modest and that’s why it’s a great choice to wear in an interview, it’s the balance between formal and informal and a guarantee of a classic look without too much extravagance, when dressing it up for a job interview, choose basic models that are one-of-a-kind.

What should you avoid wearing to a job interview?

Now you’ve checked out some clothing options that are suitable for different job interviews, but it’s important to emphasize that you should wear what makes you feel good and that matches your personal style, yet you must respect the company’s dress code and the always opt for something that is discreet, mainly because it is an environment unknown to you. In order not to go wrong with the look, we have separated some things that should be avoided.

  • Don’t wear colorful or printed clothes too
  • Avoid using excess accessories, if you are going to use it, go with something basic
  • Don’t wear sneakers to match your look
  • Don’t wear uncomfortable clothes, because that way you won’t be able to relax during the interview

See how you have to think through all the details before choosing the outfit to wear to a job interview? It is always important that you are comfortable and in keeping with the interview environment.

What kind of clothes do you like to wear to a job interview? Which piece do you consider essential? Do you prefer to wear something more formal or informal?

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