How to dress for the pool party?

Pool party is the union of all the best there is, meeting friends, pool and sun, and fun is guaranteed, but even in casual events like this, you can’t go wrong choosing the look, it must be practical, fresh and comfortable for you to enjoy the day a lot. Have you been invited to a pool party and don’t know what to wear? Check out the following tips and see the best clothing options.


Bikini to wear in pool party
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This is essential to go to a place where there is water, if you are not wearing it, take one in the bag for when you want to get into the water.

How to choose the ideal bikini for a pool party?

1 – Choose discreet models
2 – Wear bikinis with prints
3- Bikinis should be easy to wear and practical


Swimsuit to wear at a pool party
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If you are not comfortable wearing a bikini in a more closed environment, then you can use a more closed option like swimsuits, it is practical and can even be combined with a sarong.

How to choose the ideal swimsuit for a pool party?

1- Use colored or patterned swimsuits
2- avoid exaggerated necklines and cutouts


Sarong to wear at a pool party
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A sarong has the power to transform a beach/pool look and make it more elegant and fashionista without needing much effort, you can match with bikini or swimsuit. The variations are large, with different patterns, sizes and fabrics, for an event like this, it’s nice to wear a more colorful yoke that matches the top piece you’re wearing.


Jumpsuit to wear at a pool party
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The jumpsuit is that wild card that suits almost every occasion, and at a pool party it wouldn’t be any different, you can wear both short and long-length overalls, as long as it is wide and of fluid fabric. This is a unique, practical piece, and you can enjoy it a lot if you are wearing it. If the pool party is in a more sophisticated place or at night, the best option is to wear the long jumpsuit with slightly darker colors like navy blue, but without losing the lightness of the event.

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Pinafore dress

Variation of traditional gardening overalls, the pinafore dress started to be very successful there in 2018, for now this trend is a little forgotten, but it is a great option for you to dress up at a pool party and you know why? Because it’s a basic style of clothing, casual and very comfortable, you can use it with a top or bikini underneath that the look will be complete, there are many versions of the jeans pinafore dress, but you go to a warmer environment, wear a linen or cotton pinafore dress, because they are very pleasant fabrics and make the look lighter.


Every woman has good shorts at home, and if you’re not in the mood to prepare an elaborate look, you can wear shorts, the piece is an essential classic, completely versatile and combines with different occasions. For the pool party, you can use in many ways, the variations of blouses that exist are great to match the shorts. A tip: avoid shorts that are too tight and short so you don’t feel uncomfortable.

Long Skirt

Long skirt at a pool party? Yes, long skirt, at first it may seem too elegant for the occasion, but it’s not, there are different types of long skirts and the ideal one for a pool party are those with very light fabric, wide and with slits in the legs, they keep you beautiful and it’s a refreshing look, you can even wear it with a bikini.

Pantacourt pants

If you’re looking for a completely different look and even a little tidier, you can create a look with pantacourt pants, since when these pants emerged as a trend, she never left the fashion world. It is ideal for summer, so you can use it at a pool party without fear of contrasting with the environment.


Printed shirts or kimonos are excellent complements to wear at the pool party, they make the look of the party much more stylish, especially if it has a floral print, which matches the environment too much, to use this piece, the rest of the look can be more basic because it is usually the kimono that stands out for the fluidity and style it leaves in the look.

Shoes to wear at the pool party

What you will wear at the pool party needs to be light from clothes to shoes, there are several suitable footwear options to use on the spot, but it is essential that it is comfortable and easy to put on, see:

Flip flops: This is the most used shoe in a pool party, practical and basic, if you are not wearing one, it is ideal to take it in your bag.
Flat Sandals: to make it look tidier, you can wear these sandals, they are comfortable and at the same time add more to the look.
Mule: the mule may not be the most refreshing option, but it is easy to put on and gives an air of elegance, prefer the shoe with earthy tones that match more with the environment.
Espadrille: if you do not give up the heel even at times like this, you can wear an espadrille sandal, it is not so high and has the detail in the sole that has a more beach footprint.

Accessories to use at the pool party

A pool party look is not complete if you don’t have adequate accessories, of course you can’t exaggerate and wear the most expensive jewelry you have, but a basic accessory that refers to this climate of sun, heat and pool cannot be missing. See what to use to complement the look.

Hat: essential to protect the head from the sun.
Straw bag: directly from the beach look to the pool party, the larger models are great for storing personal items.
Sunglasses: depending on the model chosen, it can make the look more authentic
Colorful accessories: beaded necklaces, larger earrings, it is worth betting on accessories and matching with the rest of the outfit.

What makeup to wear at a pool party?

A warmer environment that has water requires natural makeup, it is not worth spending hours putting on makeup, the ideal is that you go without, only with sunscreen. But if you really want to wear makeup, use something light like mascara and lipstick just to make it look healthy.

What to bring to a pool party?

Going to a pool party is almost like going to the beach, but the luggage is much less, obviously, but you can’t forget to bring these essential items:

Slipper (if you’re not wearing one)
Extra clothes (to wear when leaving the pool)

*Remembering that due to Covid-19, parties are completely out of the question, but save this post and use these tips for when you receive an invitation to a pool party in the near future.*

Did you like the tips? What would you wear at a pool party?

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