How to maintain Emotional Balance under challenging times

It is common to find ourselves saying and doing things in stress and anger, that later on seems avoidable. Our actions and behavior are because of our emotional unbalance. Our emotions are empowered to sweep us off physically, mentally, and emotionally.

If one wants to lead a healthy and stable life, it is imperative to maintain an emotional balance in life. It will make your personal and professional life happier and fuller.

Emotional Hijack

Emotions like anger, hatred, sadness, jealousy, etc. are so strong and potent, that they seem to hijack all our intelligence and cognitive abilities. We seem like puppets dancing to the tune of our emotions. However, the effect does not last too long, generally. But for the time being, a human is enslaved by his overwhelming emotions.

This reaction is because ‘we’ identify ourselves with our ‘emotions’. This identification of the self with the emotion happens instantaneously and subconsciously, and we miss the act entirely.

Difficult times

During our lives, we come across numerous situations that are not really to our liking and control. Conditions could be disturbing and hurting for us. But to lose emotional balance in such cases is neither prudent nor appropriate for human nature.

It is highly detrimental to physical health since emotional flares quickly lead to emotional breakdowns and a waste of life. We really cannot prevent the popping of such situations in our lives, but we can certainly learn to deal with it, keeping our emotional balance intact.

Striving for an Emotional Balance

The first step towards gaining control over the emotions and strive for emotional balance is to distance ourselves from emotions. We have to realize that we and our emotions are not the same. Only when we distance ourselves from our emotions, that we can stop identifying with it.

Let us do it

Next time you feel some disturbing emotions swelling up in your heart,

  • Just stop whatever you are doing and sit down comfortably. This detaching would be very challenging initially because the rising sentiment would want you to react to the situation. But be persistent and sit down.
  • With closed eyes focus on your breath. You will notice it is a little faster than usual.
  • Now with closed eyes, feel the disturbing emotion in your heart.
  • Identify it clearly and name it in your mind. Accept the existence of the emotion by saying ‘Anger is rising in me’ or ‘ I am experiencing a sad emotion’ or ‘This is jealousy rising in my heart.’
  • Just observe the emotion as an outsider and do not get involved with it.
  • Watch it as you would watch a person throwing a tantrum on the street.
  • See how this emotion tries to play in your being and tries to alter your heartbeat and blood flow to the eyes and hands.
  • Consciously lower your breath rate. Breathe deep and slow.
  • Watch for tension in the head or neck, or pain in the chest or a knot in the stomach. ( Anger will create tension in the head or shoulder/neck. Sadness will manifest as pain in the heart. You will feel a knot or uncomfortable sensation in the stomach because of fear)
  • If any of these are happening, concentrate on it and undo it gradually. Visualize the tension or the ache or the knot go out of your body. Mentally direct the breath to the place of discomfort, entangle it with the breath and exhale it out.
  • If your hands and teeth have clenched, release them.
  • Take complete control of your breath and inner systems, hand, and teeth. Do not allow the emotion to control any of your body functions.
  • Just take slow deep breaths and continue watching your emotion.
  • You will be amazed to see the intensity of the emotion waning and lose all control over you.

Written by Jayesh Tiwari.

Jayesh Tiwari is a Professional Content creator / Academician / Engineer / Google certified.

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