How to use: printed shirts

A few years ago when printed shirts began to appear and be in store windows and street looks, many people
doubted that this trend would make sense, but look, many years later, and these shirts remain firm and strong. They
usually appear in full force during the summer because they have vibrant colors and prints. They usually appear in full
force during the summer because they have vibrant colors and prints, that match the season, but believe me, depending on
the color or pattern chosen it is possible to adapt it to your winter look or even use it in the office look.
Learn to follow six ways to use this shirt that is already a key part of the female and male wardrobe.

How to choose the printed of the shirt?

Using prints is something that varies a lot according to personal style, the key tip for you not to err
is: do not mix prints, especially in combination with shirts, they are usually very colorful and stand out a lot,
so when combining, give preference to other clothes with neutral tones. To choose the print, you must think about where
you will wear it, if it’s for the work look, prefer shirts with lighter colors and basic prints, for other
events you can use colorful shirts with vibrant prints, especially on hot days, since the modeling is comfortable and suitable
for the heat.

Printed shirt with shorts

The combination with shorts is easy, practical and the face of summer, goes well from the beach look to a
walk on a sunny afternoon, and when it comes to putting together there is no mistake, shirt and shorts are
the necessary pieces of the composition, but some style tricks can make you more stylish.

Printed shirt with shorts look
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Closed shirt and shorts: staying stylish during the summer is easier than it looks, the combination of closed shirt + tailored or linen shorts is proof of that, one of the combinations that unites comfort and elegance, can be used with sneakers, mules and flat shoes.

Printed shirt with shorts how to wear
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Open shirt: look at the beach production here, with top or bikini and shorts, the open shirt resembles the kimono, it’s a great complement that doesn’t have to be restricted to the beach, you can also insert the open shirt in other casual looks. With pants, shorts or a skirt, be sure that this piece will make your outfit more colorful.

Printed shirt with jeans

Printed shirt with jeans
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The pants when combined with a short-sleeved shirt, are able to move through various styles, from the coolest to the most formal, and the responsible for these style changes are the model of the pants, it combines with practically all, from mom jeans to pantacourt.

With tailoring pants

Printed shirt with tailloring pants
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Surely this is a look that can be used in the work look, it is the union of casualness and formality, the blouse usually has a more stripped-down style while the pants are much tidier, prefer the shirt that has simple prints and neutral tones, the trick of style is to put a top under the shirt and or knot it, to finish, you can complement the look with mule, heels or sandals.

Oversized shirt

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The shirt used alone is one of those looks that seem to have come straight out of the male wardrobe, so to use the shirt in this way the ideal is to be a size larger than your normal, to be more comfortable, wear with shorts underneath. Now, if you want a more sensual look, try leaving the shirt open with a top underneath, if you don’t have a big shirt, no problem, borrow it from your boyfriend or brother, the oversized effect will be even greater.

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With skirt

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For those who do not give up a tidier look even during the summer, the shirt with the skirt is the perfect pair, the pieces have different fabrics that contrast with each other, the short denim skirt in a way adds sensuality to the stripped shirt. The combination goes well during the day and at night, sneakers can be exchanged for a heel during the night look and accessories add more style.

With bikini

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Printed shirt + bikini is the perfect current combination for the beach, you combine style and practicality in one look, in this outfit you can mix colors and prints, because the environment allows, and to complement, add some accessories that match the whole composition, it can be colorful necklaces, hat, etc.

With overalls or dress

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Shirt with overalls or dress? It may be strange at first sight but these options are perfect for those who like overlapping, the shirt can be worn above or below the overalls or dress, so as not to get too much information you need to know how to balance the colors of the pieces and use a printed outfit with a neutral, this combination gives another face to clothes as traditional as dresses, it is worth betting if you are looking for a different outfit.

Who would have guessed that the shirt that was once detested would be able to conquer a big space in street style, right? This practicality still allows the shirts to remain for a long time, not only in summer, but in other seasons.

Do you like shirt? Which combination is your favorite? Which print do you like best? Write it in the comments.

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