How to wear a blazer

From an indispensable item in the work look to everyday clothes, the blazer is that type of essential piece that has to have at least one in the wardrobe to make your looks much more stylish, but you still have doubts about how to wear the blazer without looking too formal or just left work? So check out these tips and looks and learn to use it once and for all.

Tips for choosing a blazer

The blazer is a classic tailoring outfit, worn since 1837 and was an exclusive piece of men’s clothing, but it was only in 1930 under the influence of Coco Chanel that the blazer was introduced in women’s clothing, and since then, she has been present in the work look to complement the look of a professional woman, there is little time that it started to be used on a daily basis.And well, when it comes to blazer, you can’t buy the first one you find in a store, this piece should be chosen calmly because there are some characteristics of it that make it even more elegant.

Choose a blazer with a good cut and fit: it is essential that you check the blazer well, if the seams are correct, if it has a good fit, because believe in a poorly made blazer will take all the beauty out of your look.
Pay attention to the colors: a neutral colored blazer is a great option if you prefer more basic looks, but one that has a different color can be cool to create fun and different productions.
Avoid a blazer with too many details: a blazer never goes unnoticed, so avoid buying a blazer that has too many buttons or fancy cuts, so as not to create a look with too much information.

How to wear a blazer?

With jeans

How to wear blazer with jeans
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The jeans with its basic modeling breaks all the formality of the blazer, creating a feminine and young look, one of the advantages of this look is versatility, you can use different colors of blazer, with different colors of pants that will still be elegant. But look at it, wear a blazer at the hips, so one piece does not overshadow the other, if your intention is a simple look,so combine it with t-shirts and shoes without heels, for a more elegant look, wear a shirt and high heels.

With shorts

How to wear blazer with shorts
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Comfort and casualness define the combination of shorts + blazer, they are two completely different pieces that together result in a casual look, is that kind of look that you can wear during the day on several different occasions, if the shorts you wear are jeans the look will be more basic, but if you are looking for a more sophisticated look you can substitute for tailoring shorts.

With tailoring

How to wear blazer with tailoring pants
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We are used to this combination since the work looks, but in the street look it has become more and more stylish, in addition to being elegant, they are two formal pieces but depending on the environment where you go wearing it, you don’t need to be completely formal, you can use a lighter blazer tone and darker pants, or a dark blazer and light pants, you can mix the colors, to finish the look with a more sophisticated footprint, wear high-heeled pumps.

Blazer with dress

How to wear blazer with dress
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It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a short, midi or long dress, the blazer is quite a complement to this clothes that is already a wildcard in our wardrobe, but to use this combination without errors, you need to be aware of the length of the blazer that matches the length of the blazer, some tips.

Long dress blends with hip blazer or a little more elongated
Short dress blends with hip blazer
Midi dress blends with a little more elongated blazer

A trick of style when wearing the short dress and blazer is to add pantyhose to the look, you will be much more feminine and sensual.

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Blazer with t-shirt or shirt

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The piece you wear underneath the blazer will determine the whole style of your look, the shirt is ideal for casual looks, unpretentious and simple, you can use it with neutral colors or prints, as the shirts usually make the look much tidier and they are very versatile, you can use it in a more chic way with tailoring pants or in a stripped way with jeans or shorts.

Blazer with skirt

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The skirt is a romantic and delicate piece, and the blazer conveys a greater seriousness, by joining these two pieces you will create a feminine and very versatile look that can be used for different occasions, from the street look to the work look, but of course this will depend on the style of each piece, for a more casual and basic look for everyday life, invest in jeans skirt or lighter fabrics, for a more sophisticated look, use tailoring skirt.

Blazer with belt

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The blazer is a classic piece and it has been part of our life for many years, but it is so versatile and it is still possible to use it in a new way, and this is possible only with a simple accessory and style trick that makes all the difference in the final look. Wearing a belted blazer is a youthful and very stylish look.

How to wear a colorful blazer

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Are you a fan of a colorful look? So, you can bet on a good colored blazer, it raises the mood and will be the complete highlight of your look, and different from what many people think, it is possible to be stylish wearing a colorful blazer, because it is a bit extravagant, it is cool to combine with others that are neutral colors, or if you want to use prints, choose clothes with more discreet prints (such as stripes or small polka dots).

Blazer is too good, right? Versatile, stylish and perfect for any occasion. If you have one stored in your wardrobe it’s time to take it off and start thinking about amazing looks, follow these tips and enjoy.

Do you like blazer? What is your favorite way to use it? What is your favorite look?

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