How to wear breezy dress?

Of all the most versatile clothes in this world, the dress is the one that goes with everything and can
be worn in all seasons, is a kind of clothes you have to have at least one at home for
different occasions, be it a more traditional model or a trend dress like the breezy dress, the most used dress
of the season, very versatile and stylish. Learn how to wear breezy dress.

What is a breezy dress?

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Breezy dress has loose modeling with wide and fluid cut, with midi or long length, is a dress that has volume but is not heavy, it has a fashionista style and can even be considered a bit considered strange, since she runs away from the fair and common models of dress, despite a short time on the rise, this dress is already a hit in street looks, mainly due to the fact that it combines comfort and style in a single piece.

Have you bought a breezy dress and are unsure how to use it? see these tips and inspirations of looks with the dress of the moment.

Breezy dress with sneakers

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This dress is usually seen in a sophisticated way precisely because of the armed structure and the woven type, but
when wearing it with sneakers it is like breaking the delicacy of the piece a little and giving it a
new form of use, a more street look, and it just proves that he goes well with everything, regardless of his style.

Breezy dress with flat sandals

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Double dose of comfort and of course without losing style, we have become very accustomed to wearing flat sandals in
recent months and he is still present in the looks, even with the breezy dress, this is the perfect definition
of the fashion and comfortable outfit, for the production don’t get too simple, bet on accessories, a longer necklace or
even a scarf in your hair.

Breezy dress with high heels

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This combination exudes femininity, the dress already has a romantic style, while the heel leaves the woman more feminine and elegant, if the sleeves of the dress are puffed it will be even more evident, for being a very delicate characteristic, to finish this production in a certain way, pay attention to the colors and pattern of the dress and high heels, try to wear something that matches each other.

Breezy dress with boots

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If you intend to wear a look that mixes styles, the combination of breezy dress and boot may be a good option for you, boots are usually heavier and make the look more loaded, making the breezy dress lose its lightness, it is worth investing if you are looking for a bold and eccentric look in the right measure.

Breezy dress with shorts and pants

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Because of the wide modeling, the breezy dress allows a unique and very different combination, it can be used with
pants or shorts under the dress, give preference to tighter pants, for there to be a balance and the look is not too bulky.

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The white breezy dress is usually associated with a nightdress and even a children’s look, to use it without making
it evident, combine it with some accessories that make the look more striking, anything goes, a big necklace or a
different shoe, but if you prefer something lighter, use shoes and a neutral tone bag too, style of the look
will be more refreshing and ideal for hot days.

Dress printed

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To avoid making mistakes when wearing this patterned dress, prefer shoes that have colors similar to the dress, avoid that other elements of the look create a great contrast, balance when dressing is everything. In fact, be careful when choosing the print for the breezy dress, because it is very fluid, some prints can give the feeling that you have a few extra pounds and disadvantage certain regions of the body.

Dress monochromatic look

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Monochrome (using a single color) has never been so hot in fashion as in recent months, this is the combination you wear without going unnoticed, it can be a soft or very vibrant color, it depends on your taste, with the breezy dress you can combine the piece with sneakers, sandals and even mules of the same color, so as not to end monochrome, use more delicate and discreet accessories.

How to wear breezy dress at work?

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If your workplace does not require a formal dress code, then you can wear the dress on it, to wear the right way, invest in the breezy dress of more sober colors, of long length and combine it with heels, to become much more sophisticated.

Breezy dress with belt

Doesn’t the flowing, loose dress completely please you? So you can wear it with a belt around your waist to make it tighter, in a way the dress won’t have much prominence, but it will make the waist much more marked, even, large belt is a strong trend of the moment, when wearing the dress in this way, try to use a belt that stands out.

What you should avoid when wearing breezy dress

The trend of the moment is very easy to wear and extremely versatile, but it is still possible to make some mistakes when wearing it, be aware of small details that take the highlight of the piece.

Avoid wearing with jackets or a third piece: the most striking feature of the dress is the fluidity and a third piece of heavier clothing will overload the look, taking away even the beauty of the composition.

On cold days, do not use the breezy dress with light fabrics: you can find the dress in many different fabrics, but on cold days, preferably for models of heavy fabrics and that have a slightly medium or longer sleeve.

Beware of prints: very colorful stripes or patterns may not favor the body, considering that this is a looser dress, it may be that the end result is not so harmonious.

See how this stylish dress can make your looks more stylish? Do you already have one? How do you like to use it? What’s your favorite combination?

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