How to wear: long dress

A dress that is preferred by taller women and a challenge for small women is the long one, but believe me,
this is a very versatile dress, ideal for all seasons and there is an ideal model for every type of body and height.
Next you learn the right way to wear a long dress.

How to choose the ideal long dress?

Choosing a long dress can be a simple task depending on what you are looking for, but there are still
some things that must be taken into account for you to make the right choice such as: color, model, occasion
where you will use it and even which regions of your body will be favored. We made a basic guide
of which long dress favor each type of body. See below.

Hourglass: this body has the most defined curves, dresses that are close to the body enhance the curves and with
a V-neckline highlight the neck.

Inverted triangle: in this body shape where the shoulders and back are wider than the waist and hips, it is
ideal dresses with a V neckline because it tapers the upper part of the body. Long dresses that the skirt
is draped, embroidered or layers add volume to the lower body.

Triangle: dresses with deep necklines, halter and strapless are great for this body because they enhance the
breasts and leave broader backs and shoulders, making them more balanced.

Oval: models of dresses with wide straps, body fluids and ruffles on the skirt are indicated for the oval body
because it helps to disguise the belly and straight waist, in addition to enhancing the breasts and lower body.

How to wear: long dress

Dress with flat sandals

Long dress with flat sandals how to wear

This is a practical, comfortable and ideal combination to be used on hot days, the flat sandals and long dress
are refreshing and together result in a basic look but full of charm, it is essential that when dressing in
this way the dress and sandal match each other or have similar colors. If you are a tall woman, this
combination will favor you, as your height will be maintained and the dress will look subtle in the right measure.
To make the look less basic, bet on accessories that have greater details.

Long dress with boots

Long dress with boots how to wear

Want to wear the long dress in a boho style? So bet on the boots, the shoe leaves the clothes
with a hippie and stripped footprint, but of course this will also depend on the model, dresses with colors (brown,
olive green, orange, mustard or beige), floral or ethnic prints and wide sleeves tend to be similar to the boho style.
If the dress model is more sophisticated fabric and you match the boots, can achieve a more elegant look.
Regardless of how to use it, this will be a bold and very creative composition, it is worth betting if
you want to leave the traditional.

Long dress with sneakers

Long dress with sneakers sandals how to wear

Causality and long dress are two things that go together very well, just use it with a sneaker that you
will be ready to enjoy with comfort and style any type of occasion, and best of all, there is no secret when it comes to dressing, sneakers can be worn with any type (different models, colors and prints). A basic tip is for you to wear a sneaker that is neutral in color to make the dress stand out even more.

With thin heel sandals

Long dress with high heels sandals how to wear

Elegance is the key word of this combination, the classic and timeless look will depend on the shoes chosen, the
dress will be the highlight of the look but the sandal should follow that same style so as not to
clash with the rest of the look. Women who are a little smaller, this is the ideal option for you, the dress and heels together will give the feeling of stretching.

With thick heels

If the thin heel is suitable for more formal occasions because of the elegance it attributes to the long dress, the thick heel is recommended for casual occasions because this type of shoe usually makes production simpler and ideal for everyday life. In fact, it is great for you who are not comfortable wearing thin heels but want a look that is “chic” and at the same time stripped. In this look you can leave the shoe appearing a little or wear the dress a little bigger than the two ways will be correct.

With jacket or blazer

Long dress with jacket or blazer how to wear

The long dress suits all seasons and these looks confirm this, it is usually a more fluid and refreshing piece, but if it’s cold and you still want to wear it, put a jacket or blazer on top, the look will be more creative. If you wear the dress with a leather jacket the look will be more rocker and somewhat heavy, to create a contrast between the pieces, bet on dresses with more delicate colors or prints, it will be a romantic mix with rocker. If worn with a blazer, the outfit will be more associated with formality and will be ideal for wearing in the workplace.

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With shirt/t-shirt underneath

Overlapping is the biggest trend today and if you want to join it with a classic piece, just put a t-shirt or shirt under the dress, authentic and modern are the definitions of this combination. To use without errors, try to match the colors of the shirt or t-shirt with the tones of the dress, and to complement with balance, use neutral colored shoes and accessories.

Tips for wearing long dress

  • Pay attention to the colors and fluidity of the dresses, there are ideal options for the look of the day and the look of the night.
  • If you are small, avoid letting the hem of the dress touch the floor
  • To look taller, let your foot show when wearing the dress.
  • Use a belt to balance and create contrast in the look.

Versatile, practical and timeless, the long dress is a key part of the wardrobe that you can use at any time and in the way that best matches your style.

How do you like to dress? What is your favorite look?

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