‘Howdy, Modi!’: Houston weather clears up in time for the mega meet

India, Sept. 22 — The weather in Houston, the city hosting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s historic diaspora meet to be also attended by the US President Donald Trump, is predicted to be “clear with periodic clouds” on Sunday– the day around 50,000 American Indians converge at the NRG football stadium to welcome the Indian prime minister in a four-hour long event.

Indian Community Welcoming PM Narendra Modi

The organizers are confident that the Indian-Americans registered for the event who are due to fly-in from far and wide will keep their date since the worst on the weather front was over.

Houston seems to have recovered in time for the mega event which once appeared to be under threat from the floodwaters gathered from four days of relentless rains. The rains finally relented on Friday and Police worked to clear freeways of hundreds of stranded vehicles caught in the deadly flooding along the Texas Gulf coast as per a USA Today news report.

The flooding along the coast had left three people dead from drowning and brought parts of Texas and the Gulf area to a near standstill, added the report.

The United States’ National Weather Service said the 9.18 inches of rain that hit Houston on Thursday set a record for the wettest September day.

County officials reported at least 1,700 high-water rescues and evacuations as rising water overwhelmed the city. At least 120 people took refuge in six storm shelters after the storm made landfall on the Tuesday afternoon near Freeport, 60 miles south of Houston.

The storm generated by the tropical depression Imelda eased out along receding rains on Friday and sporadic sunshine returned on Saturday bringing relief to the residents.

Metro local bus service and Park & Ride routes resumed operations on Saturday as per abc13.com

The ‘Howdy, Modi!‘ event is set to kick-off at 10:00 am local time (8:30 pm IST) and end at around 1 pm (11:30 pm IST).

The day temperature is likely to hit a maximum of 31 degrees celsius at around 1 pm in the afternoon and the wind speed will likely peak at 11km per hour between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm, local time.

Houston may get more rains next weekend if a new tropical disturbance which was entering the Gulf hit Texas.

The Houston event will be Modi’s third major address to the Indian-American community after he became the Prime Minister in 2014 and the first after his re-election in May. “Howdy Modi!” is being hosted by the non-profit body, the Texas India Forum (TIF). Reports have said it is expected to be the biggest ever gathering of Indian-Americans in the US.

Apart from remarks by Modi and Trump, special cultural programme to reflect the US-India cultural ties with a tagline, “Shared Dreams, Bright Futures“, will also be showcased.

The 90-minute cultural programme, “Woven: The Indian-American Story“, will have a music, dance and multimedia show with nearly 400 artists from Houston and elsewhere in Texas.

Source from HT media

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