Important tips on fitness and exercise for cardio and weight loss

Every workout should be on the basis of these five components of fitness. They provide better results without getting injured.

 Muscular Endurance
 Muscular Strength
 Cardiac Endurance
 Flexibility
 Body Composition

Cardiorespiratory Exercises – Do they help in Weight Loss?

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Let us understand the actual role of cardio, and we will also see if it has a role to play for weight loss. When you are on the treadmill sweating out, your heart is pumping blood at a faster rate. The heart is also getting stronger in the process. The blood circulation also improves, making the heart pump more blood in less
Now you must be wondering why the whole world goes gung ho about cardio for losing weight. So let’s see if the body loses weight while doing cardio. In a 1-hour session of cardio, you do burn calories. But you will get disappointed to know that cardio will burn calories only while running.
After a strength training session if you opt for cardio, then it is a great idea and will give good results. Also, cardio and strength training exercises should be on separate days. Strength training will contribute to burning more calories. Your body becomes a fat burning machine. It is EPOC (excessive post-exercise oxygen
consumption), which helps in fat loss.
Cardio should not be done only for weight loss. It should be more of a fitness-enhancing activity and focus should be more on getting healthy.

Exercises for Beginners

When beginners start their workouts, they are very excited. But the real challenge for them is to maintain enthusiasm throughout and do not give up. Beginners should consider exercises as stepping stone towards their fitness journey. It is advisable that they should not rush through as there can be chances
of injury.
For beginners, bodyweight exercises are a good idea. It will help them to work on the mind-muscle connection and better CNS control. It is a must to work on exercise form and technique so that as a beginner, you can move on to some intense workouts later.

As a precautionary measure do consult someone in the gym. Discuss with someone who had been regular to the gym from past 5 to 6 years. You can also talk to the fitness trainers in the gym and ask them to guide you.

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There is some good news for the beginners. As a newbie, you will be glad to know that the weight loss journey for you will be more comfortable. A beginner loses weight faster compared to an intermediate and advanced fitness enthusiast. The reason being the effort is more, and you will respond to the exercises since it is
something new for the body. Moreover, the beginner’s muscle protein synthesis will be at a peak.
As a beginner, when you spend more time working out, you will observe that your body is adapting to the workouts. After maybe some six months to 1 year time, you will not see results and you will hit a plateau. Once you identify it, and then move on to change your workouts a little bit to continue seeing the results.

Nutrition is the King

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Nowadays, losing weight has become the only aim for the majority of people. In this process, they are ready to do whatever it takes to reach their weight loss goal. No matter what kind of a goal you have in mind whether it is weight loss, weight gain or fitness, diet is critical. There should be 100% adherence to a healthy diet. It is not at all difficult if you follow a few things. It is all about eating according to your activity levels and being on a calorie deficit principle is the trick. So what exactly is calorie deficit diet? In simple term, it means consuming fewer calories than you burn. As an example, let’s say you consume 2000 calories in a day, and burn around 1700 calories. Eating in such a way will make you gain weight because you are eating more calories compared to what you burn. Now in the same scenario if you consume 2000 calories and burn 2300 calories, then you will lose weight because the calorie consumption is less compared to the expended calories. It is also essential to see that these calories come from healthy sources. There should a proper balance of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. Since now you know the secret to lose fat next time don’t stress yourself by doing an endless amount of cardio. Follow the calorie deficit principle, and you will start losing fat. The aim should be to lose fat and not weight. Body weight comprises of many things like organ weight, bone weight and muscle weight, so fat loss is the key.

Types of Exercises

Strength training – The workouts include lifting weights. Strength workouts provide incredible benefits for weight loss, muscle gain, and improves strength. For menopausal women, strength training is beneficial. Strength workout enhances bone density and helps in reversing the brittleness of bones. Bones become brittle after women reach menopause.

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In comparison to cardio strength training will help you burn more calories even at rest. So calorie burn happens because of EPOC, as mentioned above. So muscles make your body efficient in burning calories. The crucial factor to keep in mind is protein intake should be higher. Protein consumption should be somewhere around 0.8 to 1 g per kg of body weight. Protein has a higher thermic effect on food (TEF). The body will
take a longer time to breakdown protein resulting in more weight loss.

Running/Jogging – As discussed earlier cardio helps more towards improving the heart health. For losing weight, cardio does help. It should be in more of a HIIT pattern (high-intensity interval training). HIIT workouts
are more of sprinting. So you run faster for 30 seconds and then jog for 2-3 minutes. This type of training is beneficial for weight loss and works on a similar principle to weight training.

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Yoga is being practised from centuries and has many benefits. A perfect activity to keep your mind peaceful. Yoga also improves flexibility and agility. Meditation keeps the brain cells active and helps to get positive thoughts. Best is to do yoga under the guidance of an experienced yoga master to reap its benefits.

Outdoor Workouts

Break free from the Gym World 
There are many activities which are fun to do outside than doing them in a typical gym. There are also some home based workouts which are easy to do and practical at the same time. Bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges, burpees, mountain climbers are easy to do. You can do them in a nearby park, your community and even in your driveway. If you travel a lot and find it challenging to locate a gym, then these exercises come to your rescue. There is no need for any equipment to do them.


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Playing with your kids can also be a fun and energetic activity. The kids are so much full of energy all the time. You will come out of your comfort zone in no time. To withstand their energy levels, you need to double your effort, and this will be a good calorie burning session.
Taking the dog for a walk is also a good idea and an excellent way to breakdown the monotony from gym exercises. Resistance tube and dumbbells can take your workouts to the next level. They train your chest muscles, arms, shoulder and lower body. These exercises are easy to do in the comfort of your home. As discussed above these tools are beneficial for even travelers. They are easy to carry and do not occupy much space. The only aspects to keep in mind while working out at home is you have to increase the intensity. The body is very efficient in adapting; hence, you will not see results.


Our aim should be to make the exercises as part of our lifestyle and adhere to them. Activities of daily living should become better with the help of exercises. Every day we do carry shopping bags, climb stairs, and pick something from the floor. So the workouts should make them effortless to do improving the quality of life.
Even with regular exercises, the elderly population can also get benefited. They can improve their balance, gait coordination, and improve the digestive system. The more inclined they are towards being healthy, the lesser they have to be dependent on their kids.

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