Indo-Canadian MP accuses his own govt of ‘pandering’ to Sikh separatists

TORONTO, Sept. 5 — In a startling comment, an Indo-Canadian MP belonging to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ruling Liberal caucus has accused the party, including some ministers and MPs, of pandering to Khalistani separatists in the country.

In an interview to the 5AAB Network, Ramesh Sangha, Liberal Party MP from Brampton Centre, said categorically: “There is no doubt. it doesn’t bear repetition that the Liberal Party is pandering to the Khalistanis and has been doing so.”

He went on to tell the interviewer that Sikh MPs and ministers also held such an opinion about Khalistan. He said: “Sikh ministers and MPs have their own views. But as long as they demand Khalistan, they may be viewed as separatists. When this view surfaces, India also voices its hard view.”

When Hindustan Times reached out to the MP, he said he was driving as his campaign for re-election was in progress and could not comment on the matter immediately. Sangha’s remarks could well roil Canadian politics even as federal elections are due on October 21.

Sangha said he had followed this issue “closely” as the chairperson of the Canada-India Friendship Group, which includes MPs from both chambers of the country’s Parliament, the House of Commons and the Senate. “Because of the prevailing sentiment among others, I could not do anything to bridge the gap,” he rued.

Sangha, a first-time MP, who defeated a minister in the previous Conservative Party government, is known to be a moderate. A former officer in the Indian Air Force, Sangha is also known to have an amicable equation with Punjab chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh.

However, he did defend Trudeau saying that he had used “strong words” in support of Canada’s stated position for “a united India”.

There has already been reaction to Sangha’s statements with his New Democratic Party (NDP) opponent Jordan Boswell described them as “very disappointing” and “irresponsible”. “It was not acceptable to say that Sikh-Canadians are anything but proud Canadians,” he said.

Source from HT media

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