Jeans: the model that favors each type of body

Who has jeans in the wardrobe is certainly a person prepared for any occasion, want a casual look? Go in jeans! Want a basic yet tidy look? Go in jeans too, the fabric and modeling are one of the most democratic and used around
the world, the versatility of the piece contributes to making this one of the favorite clothes, but the comfort and style that it adds to the production also has its power of influence. Thinking about jeans is thinking about the varieties it has, with washes, sizes, endless shapes and has an ideal one to favor each type of body, did you know? And this is what this post is about, learn below which pants favor each body.

Identify your biotype

Before knowing which pants favor the body, it is important to know an important fact: your biotype, it determines
the shape of your body and which curves are more or less evident, there are 5 body shapes known as:

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Hourglass: shoulders and hips are in the same line and are of similar sizes, the waist is thin and well defined.

Inverted triangle: it is the opposite of the triangle body, in them the shoulder has the largest measure and taper, waist and hip are smaller measures.

Triangle: hips wider than the measurement of the shoulders and waist.

Rectangle: the waist is less marked, the hips, shoulders and waist have the same measurements.

Oval: more rounded body, big breasts, waist is wider than the measurement of the hips and shoulders.

Pants for every body type

The importance of knowing your body type, will make you make better choices when buying clothes, especially
jeans that are a casual piece but that can affect the entire style of the look. See which are the main models of pants and for which bodies are more suitable.

Skinny pants

Skinny jeans pants how to wear
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The skinny pants are close to the body and at the height of the silhouette it is a little bit wider,
this is one of the most used pants models ever, it marks the body and highlights the curves, it is
indicated for those who have a slightly thin body and for women who have an hourglass body, this will make
each curve of this type of body well outlined, if that is not your intention, avoid using.
Another detail that makes all the difference in skinny pants is the waistband, regardless of your body, choose models with high waist, pants with low waist tends to deform the body.

Flare pants

Flare jeans pants how to wear
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Neutral in the waist area and wider and longer in the mouth, the pants have the effect of lengthening the
silhouette and making the woman look taller, because of the proportion it causes, it is suitable for all physical
types of body. An essential tip to wear these pants, is that the hem should always cover the shoe.

Straight pants

Straight jeans pants how to wear
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A classic in the world of jeans and with a slightly more formal feel (can even be used at work),
straight cut trousers, sharpens the silhouette, hides the curves and does not show any specific region of the body. It is very easy to combine with tops, blazers and all types of shoes. It is very suitable for the oval and triangle body.

Boyfriend pants

Boyfriend jeans pants how to wear
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If you borrow your boyfriend’s pants it will be a little wider, but the pants found in the women’s section,
have a straighter shape and are wide in the right size for the woman’s body, with the length of ⅞, it
is perfect to increase the proportions. This is a pair of pants that combines with different bodies, for thin women
it helps to give volume, while for small women they may not favor and make them smaller.

Mom jeans

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A classic from the 90s that came back and remains with everything in the world of fashion, are the famous mom jeans, she has a high waist, straight and wide modeling, comfortable and easy to wear pants, considering it goes well from a look with a a social shirt. However, this is a type of pants that may not favor all bodies, if you have bigger butt or the waist area is wider, avoid this model of pants.

Pantaloons jeans

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A more defined waist, wide from the legs to the hem, the pants make the look much more sophisticated, because the size of the hem of the pants is larger, it helps to soften and harmonize the silhouette, in addition to having a perfect fit. This model of pants is suitable for plus size women and especially for those who have an inverted oval or triangle body.

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Pantacourt jeans

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A pair of pants that emerged as a trend and ended up becoming timeless is the pantacourt, ideal for lighter productions, with calf length and high waist, this is a pair of pants that goes well with all types of clothes and bodies, tall women can benefit from this model since the apparent leg region leaves the natural effect without the sensation of stretching, in the oval body, it disguises the hips and stretches, in the triangle body, it disguises the hips in a harmonic way, and for women with a rectangular body, the pantacourt is tinted and a little more voluminous, that is, for each body, it highlights some part of the body. Just complement with the right pieces to finish production in style.

Having jeans is essential, choosing the perfect model may not be an easy task, but remember to always think about your biotype, washes, and how you will use them. It is important to remember that even with these recommendations, you should wear pants that make you feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

Which pants model is your favorite? Which one would you not use because it doesn’t suit your style?

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