‘Letters to Mother’: HarperCollins to publish PM Narendra Modi’s book

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s book ‘Letters to Mother‘ will be released in June by HarperCollins India publishers and is available on e-com websites. The book is translated from Mr. Modi’s Gujarati book ‘Jagat Janani‘ to English by renowned film critic Bhawana Somaaya.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s book “Letters to Mother” is collection from one of his diary he wrote in early 80s.

Mr. Modi used to write a letter every night to ‘Mother Goddess‘ when he was young. He addressed her as “Jagat Janani“. He used to burn the letters later on but some pages of a diary dated 1986 survived which is now converted into a book.

Prime Minister Modi adds in the book that “I am not a writer, most of us are not; but everybody seeks expression, and when the urge to unload becomes overpowering there is no option but to take pen and paper, not necessarily to write but to introspect and unravel what is happening within the heart and the head and why,“.

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