LMIFW 2020: Travel on designers’ mood-boards

India, Oct. 15 — Looks like designers this season are toasting the spirit of wanderlust, free-spirited travel and resort fever. For Spring Summer 2020, while designer duo Shivan and Narresh’s Seoul Series explores Korean lace, surface leather along with classic fabrics, encompassing swimwear and celebration wear silhouettes, designer Nikita Mhaisalkar’s outing navigates across the African wilderness soaking in the raw opulence of all things natural.

Designers this season are toasting the spirit of wanderlust, free-spirited travel and resort fever.

And this isn’t a flash in the pan! Designer Shruti Sancheti was inspired by her recent trips to Japan and Korea as she presented a lightweight, breezy and summery collection at the Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week, organised by Fashion Design Council of India. So one’s keen to ask- is the spirit of uninhibited and unbridled travel eclipsing designers’ creative boards this season?

Shruti Sancheti says, “Be it South Korea, Japan or some parts of India – my trips always end up inspiring me when I’m working on a collection. South East Asia has a unique culture. They give a lot of attention to finer details like garden patterns, one always sees a macaroon palette and exquisite quilting. This season, the girl I had on my mind was someone who’s very global and who likes to wear heritage pieces. So I combined Korean aesthetic with a pan-global sensibility. Having said that, I’d like to add that with everyone travelling, geographical boundaries have blurred and I see today’s evolved global nomad embracing a modest and boho dressing.

Grand Finale By 21 Designers | Fall/Winter 2019/20 | India Fashion Week

Designer Diksha Khanna’s consciousness-altering collection transported us back to our childhood memories – days spent in Almora, a quaint picturesque town nestled in lap of Himalayas, Uttarakhand.

It is a perfect escapade from our fast paced and mundane city life. However, life in the hills is slow, but calming and beautiful. Cool mornings, lush green mountains, cobbled pathway steps and array of Pine trees inspire us this season. The Local regional costumes have nuances interpreted with shapes and detailing that fall within the androgynous range and are complimented with nature inspired motifs. Cobbled steps and hilly pathways are reimagined with Hand distressed denim pleats and layering techniques. Sunset skies with a dash of corallining come alive with dramatic tie-dyes on a sheer ivory canvas. Hand woven Denim, Chanderi silk, Eri ahimsa silk and Linen together lend an interesting mix of rich Indian textile to this collection. All our summer holidays used to be in Almora, Nainital as My dad belongs to that place,” says Diksha.

Diksha has always been a hill’s person and she had a nomad on mind as she worked on the collection. “The girl I had on my mind was definitely a nomad at heart,” she adds.

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